Yuri Shatunov was a real gamer. Loved The Witcher and AION and even became a TrackMania champion

Yuri Shatunov was a real gamer.  Loved The Witcher and AION and even became a TrackMania champion

The singer died at the age of 48.

The soloist of the group «Tender May» Yuri Shatunov died on June 23 from acute heart failure. Once his group was the most popular in the USSR. A year ago, Shatunov gave an interview to 2×2 about his passion for games. Let’s take a look at his gaming side.

Yuri played a lot of MMO AION. “At some point, my old good friends started playing AION. Well, I joined them too. I wanted to play together in the same company. It was fun. We ran to the dungeons, to the derik. I remember how we collected PvP gear and weapons in order to go to sieges and Beluslan later. There was a lot of adrenaline and unusual emotions. I still remember. Why did you stop? The main reason was family. A lot of time was spent on the game. Then my second child was just born, and I decided that it was better to devote this time to my daughter, son and wife.

What did games teach Shatunov? “To value time, to value family, to value the very present that you have — they definitely taught me this. Appreciate real life, and not kill a lot of time in the virtual world. Thanks to them for that!”

The singer did not want others to know with whom they are playing on the same server. “I played anonymously all the time. Only my guild friends knew who I was. I constantly played with them, went to instas and dungeons. Why do others need to know? Moreover, in the virtual world, each game has its own achievements, and no one is particularly interested in your success in the real world. Who I am inside the game is one thing, in real life it is another. In the game, only my direct hands and the ability to control my Persian can tell about me. And the rest, I think, is not important.

Yuri had two favorite classes. “If we talk about AION, then the very first Persian that I pumped was a chant or a sorcerer. It was a support class, but I liked playing it. By the way, many underestimate supports in vain. If sharpened correctly and know how to play with them, they can have a great advantage over other classes. Later, when I pumped the chant to the maximum, I decided to try another class and slowly began to pump the archer. Some of my friends also switched to archers. And so we ran: a bunch of archers, a healer and a tank. I didn’t like the other classes in AION. Maybe he didn’t see their potential, or maybe it was just “not mine”.

Shatunov did not focus on MMOs alone. “I have played many online games before and after AION. I will not list everything. But after I finished playing AION, I started playing Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes and I still play this game to this day. And this is no less than four years. Although I played AION for a longer time, it was different there — company, friends, other goals and achievements … Now I sometimes play Fortnite with my children. Every game has something different. I didn’t just play online games. Among offline adored such as Fallout and The Witcher. I went through all the series and I want more.

And he became the champion of Russia in the cybersport discipline. “There were other kinds of achievements in my playing career. Once I was the champion of Russia in the TrackMania game. These are such online races on karts and cars. There I won a lot of championships, on many tracks I consistently held the first place, on some I was even top 1 in the world. So, as you can see, my playing career is very rich and varied.

Shatunov has achieved great success both in his chosen profession and in eSports. We all should learn from his perseverance and versatility.

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