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Wu-Tang Clan Arrives In Fortnite

Battle Royale

Wu-Tang Clan Arrives In Fortnite

Epic Games has a lot of achievements under its belt, but the advent of Fortnite brought forth a new era for live-service games. The title arguably kick-started the whole Battle Royale genre. It’s been half a decade since Fortnite became children’s and celebrities’ favorite pastime. Fortnite has perfected the battle royale premise by alluring events and active engagement with the community. The game had peeked every chart within a short amount of time and set milestones that were once considered improbable.

Celebrities and famous figures have slowly crept into the Fortnite-verse in the quintet of years. The title has become an essential part of hip-hop culture, shaking hands with Marvel to famous singers becoming a part of the renowned battle royale. These crossovers have rocketed the popularity of Fortnite to the moon. Just a day ago, a leak suggested that Wu-Tang Clan was the next significant collaboration arriving in Fortnite. Earlier today. Epic Games officially affirmed this partnership. One of the most influential hip-hop groups is making its way into Fortnite.

The iconic members of the hip-hop clan aren’t arriving at the title themselves; rather, players will be able to buy Wu-Wear gear in the Fortnite item shop starting April 23rd at 8 PM ET. A bundle of Wu Wears items in the Item Shop, including Back Blings, Pickaxes, and more. Two different outfits will also be incorporated as part of the collaboration.

Fortnite is equally beloved by celebrities. All these partnerships have been possible thanks to the game attracting an audience of every age. In the statement, one of the Wu-Tang Clan members, RZA, cited that Fortnite has been in my household for years. It’s been a pleasure and joy watching the game evolve while becoming the go-to pastime. This collaboration is a multigenerational ‘drip’ of swag and cool. If what you say is true, Fortnite and Wu-Tang could be Fortangerous….

Furthermore, this bundle additionally includes new emotes, gliders, Wu Boom Box Spray, and a Wu-Tang Clan Banner. Fortnite recently added Moonknight as the latest combatant and added a no-build mode after popular demand. The game has been making positive changes throughout the years and it seems like that won’t be stopping anytime soon.

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