WorLdle Country – Answer #87 Today’s: April 18 2022

For geography fans, Worldle Country has become an everyday entertainment, but the right answer is not always obvious.

On our pages, we publish the correct options for the ‘Worldle’ Country every day, so take note to be ahead of the whole planet!

Worldle is a game that tests your knowledge of the world map where you are given an image of an outline of a country and you have six guesses in which to try and solve it. Once you have made a guess, it will tell you how far the guessed country is from the answer and which direction it is in.

There are two other modes you can try if you want more of a challenge, which both can be found in the settings of the game and will take effect on the next puzzle. The first one is to remove the image of the country altogether, so you are just guessing at random. The guesses you make will still show you how far it is from the actual country and the direction you need to go.

The other option rotates the image of the country, so it could be upside down or on its side, but you will not know which way it is seen on the map. This will throw you a bit and make the game a bit harder for you to solve.

WorLdle Country – What Is Today’s Worldle Answer?

April 18, 2022: We are heading to the Europe to today’s Worldle location! Test your geographical knowledge with the help of Worldle country today.

Worldle 87 Country – April 18, 2022

Here are the clues we have for the Worldle today (April 18, 2022).

Hint 1: This country is located in Europe.
Hint 2: There are nine letters in the name.
Hint 3: It is famous for its landscapes, flatlands, abundant forests, lakes and marches.
Hint 4: The first letters of this country are L.

What is the Worldle 87 Country Answer Today? (April 18th, 2022)

The answer to the Worldle 87 country today is…


Worldle 87 Country Answer – April 18th 2022


What makes Lithuania special is not simply that it marks the compass point where Northern, Eastern, Western Europe converge. More importantly, it is the place where the values of democracy, freedom, tolerance and hospitality find unity and voice. Co-operating with other European nations, we build bridges between institutions, businesses and people. We see it as our mission to defend freedom and democracy in our part of the world and beyond.

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How Do I Play Worldle?

While its formula is very similar to the now-iconic Wordle, actually playing Worldle is a different kettle of fish. Rather than trying to guess a word, you’re instead aiming to guess one of hundreds of countries, based on geographical data.

You start off by guessing a country, after which you see a range of green and orange tiles. Unlike Wordle, where they’re used to denote how many letters are in place, here they’re used to show how geographically close you are.

The more green tiles compared to orange, the closer you are, and so on. You’ll also get other handy metrics, such as the distance between your guess andthe target country, and even the direction in which you need to head to find the today’s Worldle country.

The rest of it plays a lot like Wordle: you get six guesses and build up a streak based on consecutive correct answers. Those with the best knowledge of the world will no doubt relish this challenge, as the lack of visual identifiers means you’ll need to use all the geographical acumen you have.


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