Why isn’t Harry Potter and his friends in Hogwarts Legacy?

Why isn’t Harry Potter and his friends in Hogwarts Legacy?

The answer is quite simple.

Hogwarts Legacy is an AAA title from Warner Bros., releasing February 10 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series. In it, we will create a wizard or sorceress and we will study Hogwarts at the end of the 19th century. Our ward will start studying at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from the fifth year, so he will immediately be an experienced magician — he will not have to remember where the right emphasis is in Wingardium Leviosa. Next, you will find out what years Harry Potter lived in, and which of the heroes we know from films and books we will see in Hogwarts Legacy!

Harry Potter and his friends will not be in Hogwarts Legacy for a banal reason — they were not yet born then. The game takes place in the 1890s — this is the earliest period of the Wizarding World that we will visit. Harry Potter was born in 1980, 90 years after the events of the game.

But we will also see familiar characters. More precisely, familiar ghosts. Nearly Headless Nick and Harry Potter fan favorite Peeves have already been featured in gameplay videos. These guys are not afraid of time — and it seems that they live at Hogwarts forever.

Also in the preview sounded the name of the teacher Weasley — one of Ron’s ancestors, apparently, is listed as a teacher at the school. In addition, in the director’s office, the pictures will clearly have familiar faces. By the way, Albus Dumbledore in Hogwarts Legacy is already 10 years old — don’t be surprised to find him very small!

The director of Hogwarts in those years was Phineas Nigellus Black — the ancestor of Sirius, the godfather of Harry Potter. Sirius said that Phineas was the most unpopular headmaster in the history of the school, perhaps! The hero of the game is unlikely to find a common language with him, because there are so many pranks on his mind.

Who else are you looking forward to at Hogwarts Legacy?

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