Which faculty to choose at Hogwarts Legacy?

Which faculty to choose at Hogwarts Legacy?

Overview of each faculty.

If you are not familiar with the world of Harry Potter, choosing a faculty can be a problem. And for a fan of the Wizarding World, it’s sometimes difficult to choose too: especially if it seems that the experience in Hogwarts Legacy will vary. I explain what is the difference between the 4 faculties of Hogwarts and which one to choose.

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When are they allocated to faculties?

House selection occurs at the beginning of the «Welcome to Hogwarts» quest, when we enter the Great Hall, and Professor Weasley puts the Sorting Hat on us.

Can I choose my own faculty?

Undoubtedly, here is a guide on how to do it.

What is the difference between faculties?

At the start, you will be in clothes of different colors, and your house is located in different parts of Hogwarts, well, it looks completely different! The full list of differences is given below, it can be updated as new information becomes available!

  • Various living rooms
  • Various bedrooms
  • Another entrance to the living room
  • Different students to interact with in the living room
  • Various student clothes
  • Minor dialogue changes
  • Hufflepuff students have an exclusive quest where we get to Azkaban and see Dementors

Extremely important: story missions, as well as side missions, remain unchanged outside the choice of faculty. The scenario of several quests will be slightly different, but these are all more cosmetic changes than a different experience.

Which faculty to choose?

So it turns out that no matter which faculty you choose, you will have the same tasks and side effects as the rest of the players! The choice is purely cosmetic. If you are a fan of Harry and Hermione — please them and join the ranks of the brave Gryffindors!

If you’ve always been attracted to Draco’s cold determination, then tell the Sorting Hat about your desire to get into Slytherin: their living room will definitely impress you!

Cedric Diggory passed away too early: you can honor his memory by choosing the glorious Hufflepuff, where faithful and hardworking wizards study.

Well, those who are distinguished by curiosity and a quick mind usually go to Ravenclaw, and Luna will be happy with such a choice.

How to change faculty after distribution?

Catch guide for changing faculty after making a choice at the beginning of the game.

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