Where to get the Taco ingredient in Roblox Wacky Wizards

Taco has made it to the Wacky Wizards ingredient buffet, and it’s time to fiesta! To find out how to add this taco treat to your collection, continue reading the brief guide below!

How to unlock the Taco ingredient

Once you’ve loaded into Wacky Wizards, you’ll need to start by making yourself some kind of flying potion. The classic flying potion, and the one that we used, is the Flybux potion—one Bird and one Robux. After concocting and consuming this potion, fly your way toward the map’s large, steaming volcano.

Hidden behind this volcano, directly behind the Bean Titan’s spawn location, is the Taco ingredient!

To add this ingredient to your collection, simply teleport back to your cauldron and toss it inside. Once inside, press the Spawn button in your potion book to begin brewing. After just a few seconds, the Taco potion should appear.

Taco potions list

The list below features all of the currently known Taco potions!

531TacoTacoBecome a taco!
532Taco-gunTaco + GunGet a taco gun!
533BurritoTaco + Giant’s EarBecome a burrito!
534SombreroTaco + BrainGet a Sombrero!
535Taco-beeTaco + HoneyBecome a taco bee!
536Taco-pooTaco + Rotten SandwichPoop tacos!
537Tostado-ufoTaco + FishBecome a TostadaUFO


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