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Where to Find Chocolate in Roblox 3008

Where to Find Chocolate in Roblox 3008

Here’s how to find chocolate in Roblox 3008 and earn the Sacred Chocolate Badge.

For those with the urge to explore and the dedication to uncover even the most buried secrets, finding and earning 3008‘s Sacred Chocolate badge may be just what you need to quench your thirst for excitement. To find out how to earn this badge, continue reading the brief guide below.

How to get the Sacred Chocolate badge

Before we get started, it’s important to note that, similar to the King’s Remains badge, this badge can only be obtained in certain servers. Each time that you join 3008, there’s nearly a 50/50 chance that your server will feature a special pillar. This pillar, unlike the standard pillars, will have a gray base rather than the typical black base and features a small house sitting at the top of it. In order to reach this house, players will need to climb nearly 800 studs to the top of the pillar using whatever furniture or items that they see fit.

To climb using furniture, move your cursor over whichever item you’d like to pick up and press E—this will equip the item to your character. Then, with the item in hand, approach whatever surface you’d like to climb (in this case, the pillar), and move your cursor until the item turns green. Once this happens, press once more to place the item. Now, you can continue this process with another item, making a continuous back-and-forth staircase.

Once at the top of this pillar, players can enter the secret house and find a chocolate bar sealed inside of a blue wrapper. Picking up this chocolate bar will unlock the Sacred Chocolate badge. Because this badge is so rare, with fewer than 100,000 players having earned it, we’ve embedded the YouTube video below that shows a user finding the chocolate bar.

Video Guide

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