Where can I find shops in Hogwarts Legacy and what can I buy there?

Where can I find shops in Hogwarts Legacy and what can I buy there?

Lost in Hogsmeade?

In Hogwarts Legacy, the player can craft potions and grow plants. There is a Help-room for this, but where to find the ingredients and the recipes themselves? The easiest way to buy them is in one of the Hogsmeade shops. Moreover, there is still a bunch of all sorts of things for sale: from brooms to fashionable robes. That’s where we’re going now.

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What is sold in Hogsmeade stores?

The magical village is full of shops for every taste, budget and need. If you are young and just entering Hogwarts, Mr. Ollivander is waiting for you in the shop — there you will receive the first and, I hope, the last magic wand. Who needs potions for potions lessons or their own research, he goes to the pharmacy to J. Pepin. Do you want to cut your hair? Stomp straight to Madame Snelling: she can not only change her hairstyle, but also magically inflict a scar or a mole!

Some merchants even give quests! Complete them — and get a discount in the store or an improvement. In most shops, you can also sell unwanted equipment: the price will be the same everywhere.

«Potions of J. Pepin»

Pepin’s Pharmacy sells potion recipes, potion ingredients, and pre-made potions. The potions themselves are expensive, buy only if you are not constrained in the means at all! It is more profitable for the rest to purchase recipes, find ingredients in the vastness of the world and brew potions in a cozy Rescue Room.

Apothecary Pepin gives the quest «Delivery Required», the reward is gold.

«Magic swede»

Every sorcerer sometimes needs to visit the «Magic Rutabaga», which sells precious plant seeds, various items for the Help-room, such as fertilizer, and the plants themselves.

Did you like Professor Chesnoke too? You’re not alone — the herbology teacher is full of memes!

Trader Timothy Chailog does not like to sit in the shop. Why, when you can breathe fresh air and communicate with passers-by sorcerers? Sometimes even the pharmacist Pepin comes to him.

Tavern «Boar’s Head»

Be on the lookout when visiting a local tavern: the local audience is very motley and not distinguished by good manners. It seems that even the main attraction of the pub is not enthusiastic: a huge boar’s head that looks disapprovingly at everyone who enters to drink a mug of ale.

«Tomes and Scrolls»

A bookstore is useful to anyone who spends a lot of time in the Help-room. The fact is that magic recipes are sold here, thanks to which you can conjure more capacious tables for pots or a larger potion stand. A jumpy pot that periodically brews a random potion will also be a cool purchase.

Don’t forget to check out the 2nd floor of Thomas Brown’s store. To do this, move the book on the shelf next to the fireplace.

Ollivander’s Shop

You have probably already visited Ollivander’s shop on the quest «Welcome to Hogsmeade», where a good-natured merchant found the perfect wand for you. By the way, here is a guide to choosing the best magic wand.

Why was the hero of Hogwarts Legacy enrolled immediately in the fifth year? The reason is banal

Sports goods store «Krugoletka»

At the beginning of the game, the broom shop is closed, and access to it will appear after completing the «Broom Flying» quest. In Krugoletka, brooms for every taste are sold. Fortunately, the prices for them are the same: they all cost 600 coins.

After purchasing the first broom, Alby Wicks gives the Flight Test quest. Completing it will unlock broom upgrades.

You can fly not only on a broomstick. How to fly the Thestral — read here.

«Three broomsticks»

A cozy hotel and part-time pub is the best place to relax and have heartfelt conversations with butter beer.

Trick shop «Zonko»

All fans of the Weasley brothers are advised to go to Zonko and check out a couple of local jokes and practical jokes. Too bad they can’t be bought and used at Hogwarts!

«Madame Snelling’s Hair Salon»

If you are tired of a hairstyle or infuriates a scar that was thoughtlessly made when creating a character, Madame Snelling will fix everything!

She is also able to change the color of hair, eyes and eyebrows, the shape of the eyebrows and the condition of the skin of your hero. The rest, alas, she can not do.

Clothing store «Hat of Invisibility»

A key store where you will find a variety of, sometimes surprising outfits. The Cap of Invisibility, in addition to Hogsmeade, has offices only in London and Paris!

August Hill sells clothes for every taste: feel like an aristocrat, a traveler, or just a fan of your faculty.

«Stipley and Sons»

In this cozy patisserie, the wizards of Hogsmeade drink tea and eat delicious cakes.

«Sweet Kingdom»

Probably the best shop in the game. After all, the «Sweet Kingdom» is an amazing place and a paradise for the sweet tooth! Only here you will try «Flying pops», from which you will fly up ten centimeters, or «Pepper devils» — do not want to blaze with fire?

«Beak and crest»

The Special Goods Shop is directly connected to the Vivarium in the Room of Rescue. It will open after you unlock the ability to breed critters in the vivarium.

They sell various materials obtained from animals. Here you can also sell creatures that you caught in the open world or bred in the vivarium.

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