Where can I find Merlin’s trials in Hogwarts Legacy and how do I complete them?

Where can I find Merlin’s trials in Hogwarts Legacy and how do I complete them?

Inside is an interactive map.

Hogwarts Legacy has an insane amount of equipment: already in the first 10 hours you get tired of the gear in the chests. And there are only 20 slots: here, either move to Hogsmeade every hour to sell outdated clothes, or disintegrate them on the spot. But there is a third option — to pass Merlin’s trials, which increase the capacity and allow you to carry more clothes and accessories with you.

Now we will tell you all the necessary information about the trials of Merlin.

How to access Merlin’s trials?

Access will open after completing the quest «Test of Merlin». The task is activated immediately after the story quest «The Girl from Ouagadou». Not far from you, strangers pester a woman: approach them and deal with the villains. The woman turns out to be the famous explorer Nora Treadwell. She is a great connoisseur of Merlin’s life and has recently been solving the mystery of his trials.

We are right at the site of one of the mysterious patterns on the ground that Merlin once left. Together with Nora, we solve the mystery of a particular test, after which she is hastily assembled, and we get access to Merlin’s mysteries scattered around the world.

Why take the tests of Merlin?

It’s simple: for every few challenges you complete, your inventory will hold more and more items. Initially, only 20 slots are available to the player. You can track your progress in the «Tests — Research» menu: it says how many more Merlin’s riddles you need to complete to increase the capacity of equipment.

How to start the test of Merlin?

Find the feather icon on the map — this is how Merlin’s trials are indicated. There is a stone ornament in the ground. To trigger the challenge, sprinkle it with Sweet Mallow. The leaves will be given to you as part of the initial quest, but you can also buy them at the Magic Turnip shop, grow them yourself in the Help Room, or find them in the vastness of the world.

Where can I find Merlin’s trials?

There are as many as 95 Merlin mysteries in the game and the easiest way to find them is using an interactive map from enthusiasts from mapgenie.io.

How to use it? To find Merlin’s trials, just click on the filter button on top, then Hide All (Hide all), and then click on Merlin Trial and again on the filter button.

The map now has the location of all of Merlin’s mysteries. They are scattered around the world and are in every game region. If you manage to complete all 95 challenges, the game will reward you with the Merlin’s Beard achievement!

How to pass Merlin’s tests?

The tests are passed in different ways: in total there are 9 varieties of Merlin’s riddles. They are not particularly difficult, but when you see them for the first time, you can easily get confused in search of clues. Here are all the varieties and ways of passing.


The spell will help: Any fire spell

After activating the ornament nearby, you will find bowls on stone plinths. Have time to light all the torches with a fire spell before the first set on fire reaches the ground.

ceramic balls

The spell will help: Any spell of power

See a bunch of pillars with ceramic «heads»? Just smash them, you can even use a basic spell.


The spell will help: Depulso

Just drive a huge ball into the hole.

Ruined monuments

The spell will help: Reparo

Use Reparo to repair some broken stone statues. Some of them are hidden, use Revelio.

Stone plinths with holes

The spell will help: Lumos

Leaky pedestals are clearly missing something — apparently, moths! A whole swarm of insects flies nearby — attract them with Lumos to the pedestals, then the stone will light up and grow green.

Down with the stones!

The spell will help: Confringo

When stone pillars appear nearby, destroy them with a powerful Confringo spell.

collect balls

The spell will help: Levioso

Find 5 small balls on the territory and transfer them to the platform with the help of Levioso.


The spell will help: not required

Show off your parkour skills by climbing up a kind of stone ladder to the very top. But if you fall, you’ll have to start over!

Rotate Rune

The spell will help: Flippendo

Rotate the top of the stone pillar so that the runes line up with the bottom. And so with all the stones nearby.

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