Where are the Hogwarts Legacy Battle Arenas located? Fast experience farm

Where are the Hogwarts Legacy Battle Arenas located?  Fast experience farm

There are wizard duels.

There’s a lot to do at Hogwarts Legacy. When you get tired of going to classes or looking for empty paintings, try to find battle arenas and compete in dueling skills with adult magicians. The guide will tell you where the battle arenas of Hogwarts Legacy are located and how dueling is useful.

There are three battle arenas in the action-RPG. Two of them are available to all players, one is only available to owners of the pre-ordered deluxe edition or the collector’s edition of Hogwarts Legacy.

Where to find battle arenas?

North Ford Swamp Battle Arena

The first arena is located in the east of the North Ford Swamp region. Unlocking it is simple: destroy 20 pots located on the walls of the ruins. All can be reached from the ground, no broom needed.

Feldcroft Battle Arena

The second arena is hidden in the southeast of the Feldcroft region. Do not get lost in the variety of icons!

Dark Arts Battle Arena

The third arena is exclusive and not available to all players. The arena itself is located in the Forbidden Forest. Spoiler alert: Unforgivable spells are allowed there, including Cruciatus and Avada Kedavra!

How do I access the Dark Arts Battle Arena in the base edition?

Apparently, not yet — the arena has become an exclusive for owners of deluxe and collector’s editions. If the situation changes, we will definitely write about it.

When can you fight in the arenas?

Fighting in the battle arenas is a side entertainment and does not depend in any way on the passage of the Hogwarts Legacy storyline. Come there at any free time!

By the way, for winning two of the three arenas you will receive the Challenge Yourself achievement, so go for it.

Why is it better not to delay the battle arenas?

It’s simple: victories in the arenas farm a large amount of experience points. Defeat waves of enemies, gain experience, restart battles. This way you will earn a ton of experience points and level up perfectly.

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