“When Flowers Bloom” Genshin Impact Web Event Guide

Learn more about the web event “When Flowers Bloom” Genshin Impact with Kamisato Ayato, how to care for bonsai and get rewards for it!

“When Flowers Bloom” —— The web event for Genshin Impact’s new character: Kamisato Ayato is now available.

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When Flowers Bloom Web Event – Details & Lin

Event Period
03/25/2022 12:00 – 03/30/2022 23:59 (UTC +8)

Event Summary
During the event, Travelers will need to complete the designated event tasks as well as help the Yashiro Commission servants plant flowers. Upon completion, you will receive in-game items as rewards.

>> When Flowers Bloom <<

To be be able to play the web event, players must be at least Adventure Rank 10 in the account that they are signing in to.

When Flowers Bloom Guide

Entering the event, you will be able to explore two tabs, one of which will take you to the page of studying the progress of bonsai growth (picture above), and the second directly to the section of caring for your decorative tree (picture below).

All you have to do is to use the plant care options offered in the menu three times, and the order of your actions does not matter. Water the tree, prune the twigs and loosen the soil three times, and then share your result in social networks.

You Can Also Do The To Do List

Aside from taking care of the plants, you can also do the To Do Lists that are located on the lower right of your screen. You will obtain rewards upon completing the tasks.

After completing all the to -do lists , you will receive an image of the Ayato .

When Flowers Bloom Web Event Rewards

Rewards List

  • Primogems
  • Character Ascension Materials


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