What was shown in the Flash trailer: two Barry, the return of the best Batman and even Supergirl

What was shown in the Flash trailer: two Barry, the return of the best Batman and even Supergirl

We disassemble.

The main premiere of Super Bowl 2023 was a full trailer for The Flash, starring Ezra Miller. A film about DC’s top speedster has been in development for many years, during which time it has evolved from an ordinary solo album into a large-scale crossover. Here Flashpoint is filmed — the main arc about the Flash from the comics, in which Barry Allen will return to the past, change it and thereby restart the entire DC Universe.

Just due to the scale of the events taking place, one can expect an epic and many surprises from the film — some of them have already been shown in the trailer.

Two Flashes

In the story, Barry travels back in time to save his mother. Of course, this leads to disastrous consequences and the emergence of paradoxes: for example, in the film, Barry Allen will meet another version of himself. The rules of time travel say it’s a gross mistake to cross paths with your own doppelgänger, but the Flash takes his own alter ego as a partner instead.

A world without superheroes

It is likely that Barry will restart the universe multiple times over the course of the movie to minimize damage to the world. Intervention in the natural order of things led to disaster: The Flash created a world in which there are no superhumans. More precisely, there are no superheroes capable of protecting the Earth from global threats like the invasion of evil Kryptonians.

The same Batman

The trailer features the main Batman of the DC Universe — Bruce Wayne, played by Ben Affleck. But only after the introduction, when the Flash moves to a new timeline, Michael Keaton plays the greatest detective. It was he who played Batman in the first film in 1989.


Another important character in The Flash is Kara Danvers, aka Supergirl. Barry’s actions somehow led to the fact that the Earth is now protected not by Superman, but by his cousin, who has the same superpowers and weakness to kryptonite.

* * *

The Flash will be released worldwide on June 14, 2023.

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