What really happened to Jeremy Renner? Important details from the police report

What really happened to Jeremy Renner?  Important details from the police report

Heroic deed and negligence.

On the first day after New Year’s Eve, Jeremy Renner tried to save his nephew from being hit by a snowplow. In early January, dry news about the actor’s injury came out, but everything is not so clear — CNN got acquainted with the public police report of the Washoe County Sheriff.

During the holidays, a storm hit the village. Renner’s nephew’s truck was covered in snow, and the actor volunteered to help with his snowcat (a heavy crawler-mounted snow plow). In the process, the snowcat began to slide down the slope, rolling sideways — and Renner realized that he was moving directly towards his nephew. Jeremy got out of the car without setting the parking brake.

“The snowcat had some mechanical problems, but our review found that the parking brake would have kept the vehicle from moving forward. When Renner tried to stop or deflect the vehicle to avoid hitting his nephew, the caterpillar dragged him under the car and ran over.»

  • Jeremy’s representatives added an important detail. To get into the snowplow cabin, Renner had to stand on its moving caterpillarand after that he was «instantly pulled under the left side caterpillar.»
  • «Renner was ‘completely crushed by a large snowcat’ and had ‘extremely labored breathing’, ‘the right side of his chest … was depressed and his upper torso crushed,'» the emergency call log obtained by CNN said.
  • “The snowcat drove over it and continued to move along the road. The man lay on the ground and focused on his breathing, while his nephew and others assisted him until medical personnel arrived at the scene.

Renner was airlifted to the hospital, where he stayed for more than two weeks, underwent at least two surgeries and was treated in the intensive care unit. After returning home, Renner published a post in which he said that he had broken more than 30 bones. He is currently undergoing recovery.

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