What lessons will be in Hogwarts Legacy? We brew potions and resist «Imperius»

What lessons will be in Hogwarts Legacy?  We brew potions and resist «Imperius»

You can’t walk like that.

At the beginning of a big adventure, we need to explore as many items as possible. So we will become stronger and master the necessary skills. So far, only five lessons at Hogwarts are known, but I hope there will be more of them in the game. Let’s go study.

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Defense Against the Dark Arts

A basic item for every battlemage. At Hogwarts Legacy, we are constantly fighting, so in the lessons you need to absorb information as much as possible. To study protection against dark magic, you will first need to study its aspects: the same unforgivable spells — and learn how to deal with them.

A special feature of DTI is the emphasis on practical exercises. You will learn to resist not only dark magic, but also boggarts, vampires, werewolves and other dangerous creatures. You can always check the acquired skills in the duel club.


Defending against enemies is an important skill, but first learn how to cast the right spells. This will be taught in the basic spell lessons. It sounds simple: wave a magic wand and say one or two words. But everything is much more complicated — it is worth making a mistake, and the consequences can be catastrophic!

The item is useful not only in battle, but also for simple actions in the magical world: open a passage, solve a magic puzzle, and simply summon a broom in a couple of seconds.

Caring for Magical Creatures

Hagrid fans, your time has come! In the lessons you will learn how to handle, feed and breed magical creatures. There are many of them, but the most impressive, of course, are the hippogriffs and thestrals. Not all animals are safe for magicians: be polite to the hippogriff, otherwise he will bite!

Lots of fauna lives in the vicinity of Hogwarts — and skills in caring for magical creatures will definitely come in handy. Part of the animals need help, because they are hunted by poachers or dishonest magicians — do not pass by.


You also have to be careful with the flora in the magical world: if you run into a mandrake root, you can remain deaf. In herbology classes, students study plants, including common ones like belladonna, which causes delirium and hallucinations. Plants can be tended in the greenhouses of Hogwarts — you’ll love it if you look like Neville.

Learn also special spells that accelerate the growth of plants. Rapid growth is in our favor, because the grown herbs will be used for potions and medicines — the game will have a full-fledged crafting system.


Properly brewed potion is a skill that is not available to everyone. Really, Neville? Art requires not just a lot of practice, but also a competent teacher. Only a Severus Snape-level teacher would be able to explain the intricacies of proper potion mixing and timing.

Although, it would seem, potions — just mix the ingredients in the right sequence, following the recipe. But it’s worth a little mistake — and the potion will turn out to be poison and cause serious damage! In Hogwarts Legacy, you will regularly use potions, if only for the sake of restoring health. After acquiring the skill, it will be possible to brew potions in the Help-room.

What other lesson is missing for you personally?

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