What is known about FIFA 23? All the facts about the new part of the football simulator

What is known about FIFA 23?  All the facts about the new part of the football simulator

Getting ready for release.

FIFA 23 will be released on September 30th. From FUT to Career Mode, we’ve compiled a list of all the big changes coming to EA Sports’ new soccer sim.

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Gameplay changes: new animations, improved dribbling and different types of accelerations

• FIFA 23 is running the second version of HyperMotion — motion capture technology. More than 6 thousand new animations will appear in the game, so the movements of the players will be smooth. Defenders will be better positioned, while attackers will become more controlled and have a greater arsenal of tricks. PC players will experience this technology for the first time.

• The game will feature the «Temperament of acceleration» mechanic and three types of sprint players: explosive, controlled and long. They depend on the physique of the players, and the stars will receive unique running animations.

• EA Sports has finalized the physics. The goal net reacts realistically to the ball, and slip marks remain on the lawn until the end of the match.

• During replays of dangerous moments, elements of augmented reality will appear: the model of expected goals (xG), impact force and distance to the target.

The new chemistry is the biggest change to Ultimate Team. They will also add alternative positions and a single mode

• EA Sports has updated the chemistry system for the first time. The colored stripes of chemistry between the players have disappeared from the game — they have been replaced by rhombuses, and the cards are now linked all over the field. Players without chemistry no longer lose stats.

• Player cards now have realistic alternate positions. Now you can’t put an attacker on a defensive midfielder, but in some situations it can be converted into a winger. Change position consumable has become common.

• «Moments» — a new single player mode in FUT 23. It is designed to complete tasks in short game scenarios against bots. In the mode, you can earn additional coins for packs.

• New FUT heroes introduced in the style of Marvel. The list includes famous football players of the past who did not have enough space in their idols: Yaya Toure, Park Ji-soon and others.

• Expanded stadium customization. Change of roof lighting, animated banners and screens will be available.

Career Mode Update: Real Coaches, Chance Management, and Richmond from Ted Lasso

• Added more than 350 real managers. About 30 coaches will receive the real model, including Pep Guardiola, Antonio Conte and Steven Gerrard.

• Deep personalization of the player — a career chip for the player. The gamer will control the character of the created football player and pump skills based on the chosen style. The player will be able to make investments and buy clothes in the store.

• In FIFA 23 will be a fictional club «Richmond» from the TV series «Ted Lasso». The team brings together all the main stars — Roy Kent, Sam Obisanya and Jamie Tartt, and their coach can be Ted Lasso performed by Jason Sudeikis.

• EA will give the player control of dangerous moments during the simulation. Now you can go back to the key episodes of the match and achieve the desired result. The seasons will become much shorter.

• The transfer analyst will evaluate all transactions in the career: after each transition, the computer will analyze and issue a verdict. The function will help newcomers to the career mode.

Other FIFA 23 Changes

• FIFA 23 — the last part of EA Sports footsim, which will be released under a well-known brand. The company has not agreed on a new deal with FIFA, so the long partnership will end next year. The new part will be called EA Sports FC 24.

• Women’s clubs will appear in the game for the first time. Two leagues will be introduced at once: the championships of England and France. Australian Samm Kerr from Chelsea hit the cover of the extended edition of FIFA 23.

• EA will make cross-platform between next generation consoles and PC. It will be available in Ultimate Team in 1v1 matches, but Pro Clubs do not support it. The developers plan to add crossplay within a year.

• Many unique goal celebrations will appear in the game. For example, Christian Pulisic and Diogo Jota will receive such animations.

• There are no Russian clubs and national teams in FIFA 23, but 17 foreign players got into the game. In FUT mode, the cards of the idol Lev Yashin and the hero Alexander Mostovoy remained.

• EA Sports has returned the rights to Juventus Turin, formerly known as Piemonte Calcio. In Serie A, Atalanta, Lazio, Napoli and Roma remain without licenses.

• The Mexican Liga MX and the Japanese J.League 1 have disappeared from the game. They have signed an exclusive contract with Konami and will appear only in eFootball 2023. The Croatian national team and Serie B, Italy’s second division, have returned to the game.

• Volta and Pro Clubs will receive a common seasonal progression. Players will be able to play one mode and spend points on upgrades in another.

• FIFA 23 will add the 2022 World Cup tournament in Qatar. FUT will host an event dedicated to the world championship.

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