What happened before the events of Hogwarts Legacy? Goblins and ancient magic involved

What happened before the events of Hogwarts Legacy?  Goblins and ancient magic involved

Background of the game.

Hogwarts Legacy is an open world role-playing game where we will face many enemies. Who are they and why are they aggressive? What preceded the events of the game? Let’s figure it out.

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The main antagonist of the Hogwarts Legacy is the powerful goblin Ranrok, who led a rebellion against the tyranny of wizards in the 1890s. Goblins have been stifled for centuries and not allowed to use magic — no one likes that.

Why are goblins famous?

Although many consider goblins to be «lower caste», they are actually quite smart and know their stuff. Goblins are also good with magic, but compared to wizards, their abilities are limited.

For centuries, goblins have controlled two of the most important branches of the economy. Firstly, the Gringotts Bank belongs to them, and the goblins themselves mint the currency of the magical world — galleons, sheekles and knuts. What’s more, each coin has the number of the goblin who cast it!

Secondly, blacksmithing is the path of goblins. They are incomparable in this complex art: the sword of Gryffindor from pure goblin silver with rubies in the handle was forged by the goblin king Ragnuk the First.

The growing tension resulted in bloody skirmishes

People never considered goblins equal to themselves and oppressed them in every possible way. The attitude of wizards towards other creatures can only be understood by looking at the Fountain of the Wizarding Brotherhood in the British Ministry of Magic. The composition allegedly symbolizes the harmony of the magical world and includes two figures: a magical trio of creatures (house elves, goblins and centaurs) look with adoration at the majestic statues of a wizard and a sorceress. Of course, there are no such relationships.

People often considered goblins to be savages and villains. As the years and decades passed, the goblins grew tired of oppression and similar stigmatization. The last straw was the mages’ refusal to include goblin representatives in the Wizengamot Wizarding High Court. Then the goblins raised the first rebellion, at least documented (1612).

The rebels wanted only freedom and equality, but the magicians, instead of a reciprocal kind step, took tough measures. The Ministry of Magic issued a special decree in 1631, according to which goblins were forbidden to use a magic wand. Such a measure further intensified the confrontation: in fact, the goblins could no longer learn magic.

The 17th-18th centuries were a dark time: the goblin uprisings did not subside. The magicians were only calming down one group of rebels, as a new uprising flared up elsewhere. The biggest rebellion lasted as long as 10 years — then the goblins allied themselves with other persecuted groups: werewolves.

In Hogwarts Legacy we will see another major uprising. It will be special thanks to the goblin leader Ranrok, as he is not only good at using a magic wand, but also possesses an as yet obscure ancient magic. For the sake of victory, Ranrok joins forces with a group of dark wizards led by Victor Rookwood — and it will definitely not be easy for us!

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