Welt Guide Honkai: Star Rail — Best Build

Welcome to the Honkai: Star Rail Welt Build Guide! In this guide, we will discuss the optimal build for Welt, a highly skilled character in Honkai Impact 3rd who specializes in manipulating the Action Order of enemies to gain an advantage. With his incredible Imaginary damage dealing abilities, he can quickly destroy enemies in seconds. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to optimize your Level 40 Welt Build, this guide is for you!

Honkai: Star Rail Welt Build Guide

Welt’s Strengths and Role in Combat:

Welt is a 5-star character obtainable through the Warp, and he excels in dealing massive Imaginary Damage against multiple enemies. His main strength lies in his ability to inflict the Imprisonment effect on enemies, significantly reducing their actions in combat. By utilizing this advantage, you can obliterate enemies efficiently while minimizing the risk of getting hit.

To compensate for Welt’s lack of Defense Stat, it’s essential to have Natasha in your team for sufficient healing support. Additionally, Tingyun can boost Welt’s attacks, while a main DPS character like Seele or Dan Heng can take the lead in dealing high amounts of damage.

Stats and Eidolons:

Similar to Sampo, Welt follows the Nihility Path and is an excellent character for inflicting debuffs that slow down enemies, whether they are regular enemies or elites. To maximize his effectiveness in both roles, it’s crucial to focus on Welt’s Effect Hit Rate, Speed, and Break Effect.

Increasing Welt’s Effect Hit Rate significantly improves the chances of applying Imprisonment, which immobilizes the target and delays their turn in combat, similar to the Freeze status effect. It also reduces their Speed, decreasing the frequency of their attacks. Enhancing Welt’s Speed is self-explanatory, and improving his Break Effect allows him to deal greater Imaginary Damage when reducing the target’s Toughness to 0.

For this build, prioritize raising substats that include Attack %, Crit Rate, and Crit Damage to further boost Welt’s Imaginary Damage as a sub DPS character. If you are lucky enough to acquire multiple copies of Welt, he will gain significant bonuses. At Eidolon Level 1, he gains the Legacy of Honor, which increases the extra Imaginary Damage he deals with Basic Attacks and Skills after using the Synthetic Black Hole Ultimate Ability. This bonus benefits him whether he fulfills the role of a main or sub DPS.

Skills and Traces:

Let’s dive into Welt’s Skills and Traces and understand what to prioritize in combat:

Gravitational Imprisonment (Technique)
Edge of the Void (Skill)
  1. Time Distortion (Talent): This passive skill allows Welt to deal additional Imaginary Damage based on his Attack % when the target is already inflicted with the Slowed effect. Time Distortion synergizes well with ATK Boost and DMG Boost: Imaginary Stat Bonuses.
  2. Gravitational Imprisonment (Technique): This impair technique provides a significant advantage at the start of any encounter. It decreases the Movement Speed of enemies by half and has a high chance to Imprison them for 1 turn. Imprisoned enemies experience further Speed reduction and delayed actions. To maximize its benefits, trigger Gravitational Imprisonment first when approaching the target and then immediately swap to an ally who can deal Weakness Break at the beginning of combat.
  3. Gravity Suppression (Basic ATK): This is Welt’s normal attack, dealing Imaginary Damage to a single target and generating a skill point. Unlike Seele’s Thwack Basic Attack, Gravity Suppression does not have bonus abilities to enhance it further.
  4. Edge of the Void (Skill): This exemplary skill allows Welt to deal Imaginary Damage multiple times. The first target can be chosen, and the additional two attacks will hit 1-2 enemies randomly. Against a single target, Welt deals even greater Imaginary Damage. Each execution of Edge of the Void has a chance to reduce the target’s Speed for 2 turns.
  5. Synthetic Black Hole (Ultimate): This Ultimate Ability is the centerpiece of Welt’s build. It allows him to unleash massive Imaginary Damage against all enemies on the battlefield and Imprison them for 1 turn. Once imprisoned, their Speed is reduced, and their actions are delayed, pushing them down the Action Order. Mobs are particularly susceptible to Imprisonment due to their lower Effect Resistance Stat. To enhance Synthetic Black Hole’s effectiveness, unlock the Retribution and Judgment Abilities. Retribution amplifies the damage Welt deals, while Judgment replenishes 10 Energy, a significant advantage considering his Max Energy is 120.

Honkai: Star Rail Welt Build Guide – Light Cones

When it comes to Light Cones, there are three key ones to chase after for Welt’s kit:

Void (3-star Light Cone): Void boosts Welt’s Effect Hit Rate for 3 turns, significantly increasing the chances of inflicting Imprisonment in combination with the Gravitational Imprisonment Technique. You can ascend Void up to level 40 until you acquire the next Light Cone.

Good Night and Sleep Well (4-star Light Cone): This Light Cone increases the Imaginary Damage dealt to debuffed enemies, which can be further stacked up to 3 times. Considering Welt’s ability to inflict Imprisonment, especially against regular enemies, this Light Cone helps clear crowds faster.

In the Name of the World (5-star Light Cone): This Light Cone greatly enhances Good Night and Sleep Well, improving the damage against debuffed enemies. It encourages Welt to keep activating his Edge of the Void Skill, which boosts his Attack, Imaginary Damage, and Effect Hit Rate. This synergy provides multiple scenarios to inflict Imprisonment.

Honkai: Star Rail Welt Build Guide – Relics

For Welt’s Relics, keep in mind that the Head and Hands provide a flat HP and Attack bonus, respectively. However, the Body and Feet consist of random stats such as Effect Hit Rate and Speed. It is ideal to equip 4-star Relics as they provide 2-3 substats in addition to the main stat. Regardless of the rating, enhancing Relics every 3 levels will yield a random substat. For a Level 40 Welt, leveling up 4-star Relics to a maximum of +6 is sufficient until acquiring their 5-star versions.

Thief of Shooting Meteor

Welt’s recommended Relic set is the Thief of Shooting Meteor. This 4-piece set not only boosts his Break Effect for greater Imaginary Damage but also restores a portion of his Energy upon breaking the target’s Toughness. Given Welt’s role as a sub DPS, he plays a crucial part in inflicting Weakness Break.

To obtain the Thief of Shooting Meteor Set, farm the Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Jabbing Punch. When selecting Thief’s Steel Grappling Hook and Meteor Boots, prioritize Effect Hit Rate % and Speed as main stats. If Speed is not available, opt for Break Effect.

Conclusion: This Honkai: Star Rail Welt Build Guide has provided insights into building an optimized Welt character. By focusing on his Effect Hit Rate, Speed, and Break Effect, along with acquiring suitable Light Cones and Relics, you can harness Welt’s crowd-control abilities and unleash devastating Imaginary Damage. Remember to strategize with your team composition, utilizing allies like Natasha, Tingyun, Seele, or Dan Heng to maximize Welt’s potential in combat.

Team Composition

In Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll have all four characters available while combat is ongoing so you won’t be swapping from one to the next. There also won’t be elemental pools left behind. Instead, you’ll focus on the enemy’s weaknesses to deplete their Toughness and HP accordingly. For this Welt Guide, I’ll be sharing the best characters to go with him and how effective their skills are for this build.

For your main DPS, you’ll want to choose Seele or Dan Heng. Seele is an extraordinary Quantum damage dealer who excels in gaining extra turns when she slays an enemy using Thwack, Sheathed Blade, or Butterfly Flurry Skills. On the other hand, you can select Dan Heng for the free-to-play version if you don’t have Seele yet. He also follows the Hunt Path and is more than equipped at inflicting massive Wind Critical Damage against a single target. This is further enhanced when he makes use of the Cloudlancer Art: Torrent Skill, which can reduce the enemy’s Speed upon landing a crit.

To improve Welt, Seele, and Dan Heng’s survivability, you’re going to need a highly reliable support character and healer in the form of Natasha who follows the Abundant Path. Due to her Love, Heal, and Choose Skill together with the Gift of Rebirth Ultimate, she can save the team in seemingly desperate moments. This makes her a worthy free-to-play character.

Finally, you’ll want to add Tingyun to the team. She’s another support character but one who follows the Harmony Path. Tingyun buffs an ally’s Attack using the Soothing Melody Skill such that they also become equipped at dealing Lightning Damage on top of their unique elemental damage. What’s more, is that their core damage is boosted for 2 turns and 50 Energy is replenished when she activates her Amidst the Rejoicing Clouds Ultimate.

Additional Tips for Welt in Honkai: Star Rail

  1. Skill Rotation: To maximize Welt’s crowd-control abilities and damage output, follow this skill rotation. Start with triggering the Gravitational Imprisonment Technique to inflict Imprisonment on enemies at the beginning of combat. This will push them down the Action Order and reduce their chances of attacking. Then, activate the Synthetic Black Hole Ultimate to prolong the Imprisonment effect and deal massive Imaginary Damage against all enemies. Follow it up with the Edge of the Void Skill and utilize the Time Distortion Talent, which further amplifies his damage against Slowed targets.
  2. Suitable Relics: If you’re building Welt as a DPS with a debuffer role, consider equipping the Wastelander of Banditry Desert 4-piece Relic set. This set significantly increases his Imaginary Damage, Crit Rate, and Crit Damage against Imprisoned enemies. Another viable option for the Light Cone is the We Will Meet Again, which can be obtained for free upon reaching Nameless Glory Level 30. This Light Cone enhances Welt’s damage when using Gravity Suppression or Edge of the Void.
  3. Planetary Ornaments: When unlocking Planetary Ornaments, aim for the 2-piece set called the Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise. This set increases Welt’s Effect Hit Rate, amplifying his Attack and, consequently, his Imaginary Damage based on the Effect Hit Rate’s value. Investing in these ornaments will further enhance Welt’s overall damage potential.

By incorporating these tips into your gameplay and optimizing Welt’s build, you’ll be able to effectively control the battlefield, deal massive damage, and secure victory in Honkai: Star Rail. Good luck on your adventures with Welt and your team!


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