We simulated the 1/4 finals of the 2022 World Cup in FIFA. Brazil almost busted from Croatia, Van Gaal stopped Messi

All matches were tense.

At the 2022 World Cup, the top eight teams were determined. We simulated the quarter-finals of the tournament in FIFA 23 and found out who will advance to the 1/2 finals. There were (almost) no sensations, but the game had a couple of unexpected twists in store.

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Croatia – Brazil

The 1/4 final stage started unexpectedly. The Croats were not afraid of the Brazilians and immediately went on the attack. In the eighth minute, Alisson made a gross mistake during the ball from the gate, and Kramaric launched a parachute into an empty net – 1:0. Croatia squeezed the Brazilians. In the 14th minute, Kovacic won the riding duel against Marquinhos and hit his head, and after Alisson saved and rebounded from the post, the ball was finished off by Sosa’s defender – 2:0.

Brazil constantly lost the ball in the penalty area, so dangerous moments did not end. At the 37th minute, the Croats carried out a quick attack. Modric gave to Pasalic, and the former Spartak player amazingly cut the pass to Kovacic. Chelsea midfielder did not miss – 3:0. At the end of the half, Kovacic could score a fourth goal, but Alisson saved. Mateo did not know what would happen in the second half, so he was hardly upset.

Let’s say right away: the Brazilians did not lose this match. In the second half, they gave the Croatians a Joga Bonito lesson. In the 50th minute, Paqueta backed Vinicius, and the Real Madrid winger rolled Neymar 3-1. Soon a similar goal was scored by Rafinha, and Neymar scored a double.

The Croatians have lost a huge advantage. They pressed close to the gate and almost did not counterattack. At the 84th minute, the comeback turned into a victory. Vinicius loaded a long-range shot and hit the crossbar, while Richarlison pushed through Lovren and hit the ball with his head – 3:4.

Jesus came on as a substitute and with a header put an end to the match – 3:5. In extra time, through the efforts of Lovren, Croatia won back one goal, but did not save the game.

Croatia – Brazil 4:5

Goals: 1:0 – 9 Kramaric, 2:0 – 14 Sosa, 3:0 – 37 Kovacic, 3:1 – 50 Neymar, 3:2 – 52 Rafinha, 3:3 – 67 Neymar, 3:4 – 84 Richarlison , 3:5 – 87 Jesus, 4:5 – 90 Lovren

Netherlands – Argentina

In the second match of the day, the teams of the Netherlands and Argentina played. Lionel Messi was waiting for the first serious test, and his partners started the game cheerfully. In the fourth minute, Di Maria burst into the Dutch penalty area, where de Ligt knocked him down with a tackle. Messi took the penalty well, but Passveer parried the blow in a jump.

The Netherlands responded. Forward Janssen flew into the penalty area of ​​the Argentines, but he did not beat Emiliano Martinez.

The Argentines had a big advantage. In the 18th minute they played a combination, which was completed by Lautaro Martinez – 0:1. Good moments were Di Maria and Gomez, but Pasveer defended the gate.

The Netherlands snapped, Bergwijn was the most active. The winger scored dangerous shots, and at the end of the half he went one on one, but did not break through Martinez.

The second half started dry. Only by the 60th minute the Netherlands seized the initiative. First, Depay dangerously hit the crossbar, and Gakpo missed an empty corner on the rebound. In the next moment, the Dutch ran away in a three-on-one counterattack, and Depay rolled into an empty net – 1:1.

Argentina did not return to the game. In the 88th minute, Bergwijn did not score a dangerous entry into the goal, and a minute later the Netherlands played a corner, which ended with an accurate kick by Dumfries – 2:1.

Argentina could save a desperate spurt Enzo Fernandez, but Pasveer missed the ball under the elbow. Messi crashed out of the World Cup.

Netherlands 2-1 Argentina

Goals: 0:1 – 18 L. Martinez, 1:1 – 78 Depay, 2:1 – 89 Dumfries

Morocco – Portugal

In September, we reported that FIFA had failed to evaluate Ronaldo. Cristiano is at his peak in the game, so don’t be surprised by his appearance in the starting XI. In this form, he would greatly help Portugal!

There were almost no chances in the first half. The teams chose a cautious style, so for 30 minutes of the game, the audience saw only long-range shots by Carvalho and Bufal. In the 33rd minute, Hakimi’s thin pass led to Amalla’s goal, but the Standard midfielder hit the goalkeeper. The Moroccans attacked more often, although there was almost no difference in xG – 0.6 vs. 0.7.

The second half started much faster. First, Moroccan striker En-Nesiri almost scored, and Ronaldo’s shot after Canselu’s cross pulled out Buna. At the 59th minute there was the first goal. Hakimi connected on the right flank, received a pass from Ziyech and powerfully shot into the far corner. Morocco sensationally took the lead – 1:0.

The Portuguese responded with a beautiful horizontal attack. It was played by Leau, Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes, and midfielder Bernardo Silva completed the combination – 1:1.

A few minutes later, from the transfer of the midfielder, “City” scored Cristiano Ronaldo. Believe it or not, he was offside! Ronaldo created another dangerous moment – Bunu extinguished the blow with his elbow, and the defender knocked the ball out of the goal. Otavio missed on finishing.

Morocco collapsed. In the 82nd minute, Otavio moved to the center and gave a pass to Felix, who was lost by the African defenders. Joao stuck the ball into the net – 1:2.

At the end of the game, Morocco missed a great moment. Sabiri ran off to the counterattack and fired a cross at En-Nesiri, but the Sevilla striker missed Patricio. A couple of minutes later, Ronaldo could have scored a third, but Bunu made a fantastic save. The final score is 1:2, Portugal goes further!

Morocco – Portugal 1:2

Goals: 1:0 – 59 Hakimi, 1:1 – 65 B. Silva, 1:2 – 82 Felix

England – France

In the last quarter-final, the British and French played. Deschamps’ players immediately went on the attack: Rabiot gave a great pass to Mbappe, Kylian broke away from Maguire and opened the scoring in the fifth minute – 0:1.

The defense of the British cracked, and in the 33rd minute Benzema converted the moment. The Real Madrid striker was injured in his life, but remained in the squad of the national team, so France is even stronger in the World Cup mode for FIFA. Look at Karim’s Marseille roulette!

The British responded quickly. Phillips burst into the penalty area and accurately shot at Sterling – 1:1.

In the second half, the teams continued to play on a collision course, and Benzema and Sterling scored moments. In the 73rd minute, Mbappe’s talent showed up again. The Frenchman alone ran away from the Stones and flashed Pickford – 1:3.

Under the scenario of this match, England responded immediately. Mount entered the French penalty area and gave it to the open Foden, who put the ball into the net – 2:3. In the 89th minute, Phil got a great chance to equalize, but Lloris pulled the ball out of the gate in a throw. In footsim Hugo is in great order!

England 2-3 France

Goals: 0:1 – 5 Mbappe, 0:2 – 33 Benzema, 1:2 – 36 Sterling, 1:3 – 74 Mbappe, 2:3 – 78 Foden

* * *

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