We found an almost free alternative to Rocket League. There are complex ball physics and no cheaters

We found an almost free alternative to Rocket League.  There are complex ball physics and no cheaters

Football is not for beer.

Ball 3D: Soccer Online I got on sale almost for free. I did not fall into a mousetrap, but I caught the feeling of a killed hour of life.

The fact is that the game shamelessly copies the key mechanics of Rocket League. At first, I was taken aback by such impudence and decided that she had left early. No, Ball 3D appeared on Steam in 2017, two years after Rocket League’s console release. Her budget is tiny, a couple of people are clearly involved in the project and do it as if at their leisure. So do not expect beautiful graphics, special effects and that gloss that is inherent, for example, in the games of the FIFA series.

But it has good ball physics and competitive multiplayer without cheaters (WOW for PC gaming!). The game frankly does not pull if you play alone — after all, the control is for one puck, and so there are not enough animations, effects and peppy music in the spirit of Rocket League! In a direct comparison, Ball 3D: Soccer Online has no chance at all.

But the project clearly shows the potential as a competitive game in the company of friends. If you have an outdated filling, you like challenges and social gatherings not for beer, but for true football — the option is quite acceptable. The challenge here is expressed in the system of strikes and dribbling: the authors assure that the player has 100% control over the direction and force of the ball. It can be sent by parachute and twisted at killer angles — the simulator will appeal to people who do not accept scripting in the modern titans of the genre.

It’s funny that customization was even brought here. We have a lot of balls to choose from, you can even create skins and drive a unique projectile. Puck players were also not offended, but here you will most likely have to fork out in the internal store.

By the way, the game has been free-to-play for a long time and during this time has received a pretty big player base. Why did she eventually switch to a paid model? Only the authors know this.

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