Walkthrough Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Honor Bound Guide

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide & Walkthrough. On this page of the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla guide, you will find a detailed walkthrough of the Honor Bound quest.

The first fully-fledged mission in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla starts in 872 CE (Common Era) in Norway. Eivor must do everything to get his companions back from the hands of Kjotve, the killer of Varin and Rosta. During this quest, you will have the opportunity to learn the basics of climbing, fighting, as well as Drakkar (Viking boat) navigation.

The reward for completing the quest: 5 100 XP.

How to find and save Your team in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

After a short cutscene with Eivor’s parents’ executioner (Kjotve the Cruel), you will play as the main character and take the task of finding and saving your crew from the hands of the cruel leader’s people.

Going towards the main mission marker, it’s worth looking in the huts you pass, because inside you can find additional items – some silver, as well as other useful stuff. Larger baskets and crates can be smashed with weapons.

Stop by the tents to pick fruit growing on the bushes, which can regenerate some of the lost health. After eating a few of them, Eivor will immediately recover. Excess food will now be stored in additional food rations.

As soon as you go a little higher, you will notice the first worth climbing viewpoint to synchronize. Thanks to it, you will discover additional points on the map, which reveal the place of artifacts, puzzles, and valuable treasures. Visiting these points is, of course, completely optional.

Going further towards the main goal of the mission, you will start meeting Kjotve’s people. You will have a chance to practice fighting them. Remember to make use of the bushes where your character can hide. The best moment to attack is when the opponent will turn his back on you.

In a small camp on the right side of the island, you will meet two more warriors. The easiest way to eliminate them from a distance is to use a bow. Stretch the chord and point it at the neck or head of your opponent to finish them quickly and effectively. After killing your opponents, remember to collect arrows from their bodies to use it later.

The best way to enter the Avaldness camp is through a side gate because the main entrance is guarded by warriors. The frontal attack will alert the enemy and make the game more difficult. In the wooden palisade, between one and the other entrance to the camp, you will find a gap through which you can slip.

The safe entrance to the building where the enemy is holding the Eivor’s allies is on the roof, so you will have to climb there. Please note that on the right side of the scaffolding, the area is patrolled by one warrior. Wait until he turns his back and goes in the opposite direction.

Take advantage of this moment to jump on the scaffolding and sneak into the passageway at the very top, where you will get inside. Then jump down into the building.

When you use Odin’s Sight, you will determine the location of the first major opponent. The enemy is on the first floor, so first, you have to get to him. Jump off the beam and walk further down the corridor on the right. When you jump to the lowest level of the hut, you will witness a short cutscene, after which you will face Rikiwulf – the first boss in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

The opponent has two sets of weapons: a two-handed axe with a great reach and two one-handed hammers. Rikiwulf uses the axe to make slow swings. The two one-handed weapons allow him to attack much faster and deliver several hits in a series.

When Rikiwulf uses the two-handed axe, he will often telegraph his stronger attack. Note the red aura surrounding the boss right before he uses skills such as an overhead swing, an uppercut swing, or attacks from left to right – this is a sign to avoid sideways or backward. Your opponent is defenseless for a while after a missed attack – this is your chance to attack him a few times.

At some point, Rikiwulf will drop the bulky two-handed weapon and start dual wielding hammers. This will make the boss much faster.

Rikiwulf’s quick attacks can be avoided, but it is better to block them with the shield and parry to gain an advantage. Remember to press the block button just before you get hit.

Parrying knocks the opponent out of balance, making him vulnerable to attacks for a brief moment. You will notice that Rikiwulf is kneeling down – try to attack him as many times as possible.

The twin hammers give Rikiwulf access to an additional special move – a front kick. You can recognize this attack by a red flash around the opponent – the boss will then kick with his right leg. The blow can be avoided or blocked.

Take advantage of your opponent’s mistakes, parry his attacks, and perform counters, and you should quickly defeat the first boss in Assassin’s Creed ValhallaDefeating Rikiwulf gives you 180 XP.

After the fight with Rikiwulf, release the first prisoner from ties and let the rest of his companions out of the cage. With such support, you are ready to fight the warriors of Kjotve.

How to get to your long ship

Once your companions are released, you will have to leave the building through the main door and face a bunch of opponents. It is a perfect moment to practice various attacks, as well as to train shield blocks and perform dodges.

Your opponents will attack in a group, so you may have to fight two warriors at once. Use the shield block to have a chance to stun the enemy and eliminate them quickly.

Your main goal is to reach the boat, which is waiting for you in the harbor, but you may still want to spend some time and eliminate all opponents stationed in the camp – this will give you additional XP points. While going towards the ship, it is also worth to visit nearby huts and other buildings to find some additional items.

When you reach the coast, you will have to defeat a few more opponents. They shouldn’t cause you problems because you have your companions to help. Watch out for archers on the palisade. After the fight, enter the boat.

How to sail home to Fornburg

Your next goal is to reach Fornburg, which is a long way from the island where you started. This is a perfect moment to test your sailing skills.

Steering the Drakkar in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is very simple – remember to set sails, choose the direction, and to sail in the middle of the river as not to hit the land you pass.

You can also use the auto-pilot function – select the option to swim along the river and then sail to your destination (triangle on PS4 by default). On the surface of the water, you will notice a blue mark that your crew will follow.

Speak to Randvi

After reaching your home town of Fornburg, go ashore and go straight to Randvi. Luckily, you don’t have to look for her for long, because she stands on a platform, right next to the place where your crew has landed. The conversation with Randvi ends the Honor Bound quest and as a reward, you will receive 5 100 XP.


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