Valve summed up the results of 2022 for Steam – 44.7 EB of downloads and tens of thousands of new customers every day

Valve, as part of the month-long 2022 results for a wide audience, spoke about the work done and shared fresh information about the growth of the Steam platform.

  Image Source: Valve

Image Source: Valve

First, Valve released the Steam Deck and a number of improvements aimed at the portable gaming PC: Proton and SteamOS, Big Picture mode, Steam Cloud dynamic sync, and the Steam input system.

Secondly, elements of the Steam store were improved (including support for new languages), the mobile application was redesigned, Steam Results was launched, and three types of promotions were formed (the Games to Be festival, genre and seasonal sales).

Thirdly, we implemented a major SteamVR compatibility update, introduced tools and a discount setting interface, adjusted the recommended regional prices, and changed the format for displaying release dates.

  44.7 Ebytes is comparable to each of the 8 billion people on Earth downloading a 5.5 GB game

44.7 Ebytes is comparable to each of the 8 billion people on Earth downloading a 5.5 GB game

As for success, at the end of October the site crossed the threshold of 30 million concurrent users (33 million by the beginning of January 2023). Among the most successful Steam games for 2022 were 85 debut projects from studios from 28 different countries.

Valve also disclosed that during 2022, an average of 83 thousand people made their first purchase on Steam daily (1.4 million for the autumn sale). For the entire year, players downloaded 44.7 Ebytes (exabytes) of content, which is 36% more than in 2021.

Finally, Valve expressed the hope that the results of 2022 will be useful for developers: “Steam gets better because you developers help us prioritize”.

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