Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers: The Last Knight

The history of the Autobots is not over yet and the release date of Transformers Part 5 The Last Knight is already known. It seemed that it was possible to stop at the third part, but the directors decided to take a chance and filmed the Age of Extermination. Not everyone liked her, but she managed to intrigue with her finale.

The release date of the movie Transformers 5: The Last Knight will take place – June 22, 2017.

In the last movie, Optimus, the commander of the Autobots, learns about his creators and that he is one of the knights sent to explore the entire universe. If we humans could evolve, then someone created robots and gave them intelligence. After this news Prime decides to find his creatorsto find out the true origin. This is the end of part 4. Now we can only guess about what the main robot has to find out and how it will turn out for him.

Transformers 5

Perhaps the action of this film will be transferred from planet Earth to other worlds, but this is just an assumption. Also don’t forget about the main villain Megatronwho died, but people, in their stupidity, revived him. As they say, all information about the fifth Transformers is hidden behind seven seals, and you will only be able to find out what the movie is really about after the release date.



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