Top 5 Interior Home Design Games on PC

Did you always dream of having a picturesque home that you can brag about with your friends? If so, you will love home design games. Her at, there are many kinds of interior design home games that you can choose from that will help you practice your skills in home decorating. Let’s see how incredible your tastes are when it comes to selecting the ideal furniture, home decor, wall colors, and so much more!

Enjoy decorating and designing your dream house through the many kinds of interior design games that you can download here at These have all unique and fun gameplay, so you have the freedom to try them all out! See what kind of house you can create. Showcase your skills in interior designing and decorating. Try your best, and you might become a real interior designer one day. All of these games are fun, exciting, and enthralling! Take a look at the list below:

My Home – Design Dreams

My Home – Design Dreams is one of the most unique interior design dreams. The decorating comes with solving a match-three puzzle game. You can show your creativity in designing houses while solving a brain teaser game at the same time. It’s developed by ZenLife Games, where you get to dive into a deep and exciting storyline as you become the master of interior designing.

Meet different kinds of characters along with the way and design all kinds of houses—from mansions, condos, living rooms, and exquisite bedrooms. Your imagination is the limit. Sooner or later, you will be getting your very own fashion showroom! Are you ready to start your decorating journey? My Home – Design Dreams is the ideal game for you!

Design Home

In Design Home, you can fulfill your dreams of becoming an interior designer! There are daily design challenges that can help hone your skills in designing. You can also style visually-stunning three-dimensional spaces with access to real high-end decor brands that will suit your style! Unlock the My Homes option to gain access to kitchens, comfort rooms, and more.

Property Brothers Home Design

Drew and Jonathan Scott are Property Brothers Home Design owners, and they will need your help with their clients. With your creativity and eye for interior design, you can help them achieve their client’s dreams and requests. With Drew and Jonathan by your side, you will demo, renovate, customize, and design all kinds of spaces with the same style that they are known for.

Learn tips and tricks from the twins and discover fun facts about them too! You will be in for a surprise because they will help you achieve your dreams of being an interior designer. Property Brothers Design Home also has relaxing puzzles you can play to earn coins. Learn how to renovate shabby apartments and make them look brand new!

Home Street – Home Design Game

Home Street – Home Design Game is a home decorating game with elements just like The Sims! If you want to build and decorate your dream house, this game will give you the chance to demonstrate your skills in interior design. You can also meet new neighbors and create your own storyline.

Build your dream home and decorate it with a layout that will suit your style. Remodel your house to create the perfect space just for you! Add the best amenities and decorations, and you will have that dream house you always wanted.

Home Makeover – Hidden Object

For those who love designing and hidden object mystery games, then this game is for you! Home Makeover – Hidden Object is a hidden object and home design game rolled in one. When you play this game, you’ll meet Emma who needs to declutter and improve the home of her grandparents. Each room has a lot of things to declutter, and it’s your job to find valuable items to sell. Later on, you can fix and improve the design of the whole room!

To get these home design games on PC, just click on each link to start the download. Don’t worry, all of these games are free!


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