Top 10 Overrated FIFA 23 Players. EA Inflated Their Real Rating

Without poor Muller.

Rating is the most obvious player parameter in FIFA. It consists of a number of additional characteristics and is polished by EA scouts. Often players are given a serious bonus – three or four points. We’ve rounded up the star players whose FIFA 23 ratings have been upgraded the most.

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Serge Gnabry (Bavaria, +3)

Bayern’s players are some of the most overrated in FIFA 23. We did not torment the unique Thomas Müller, but his place was taken by teammate Serge Gnabry. The German right midfielder received a slow sprint of 79, so his real rating is three places lower at just 82 points. Gnabry’s ideal position is under attackers (83).

Rodri (Man City, +3)

Rodri is City’s midfield star, but he’s very weak in FIFA 23. The midfielder has low speed (58), and average skills and heading are not good enough for a high rating. If EA does not reconsider the attitude towards the Spaniard, he will turn into another Busquets.

Andrew Robertson (Liverpool, +3)

Many cornerbacks are overrated. Andrew Robertson is no exception, his stats are once again well below the star rating of 87. The Scot has low speed and no strong skills above 82, so he is bad in any position on the field. However, his performance is enough for the composition of the beginner.

Joshua Kimmich (Bavaria, +3)

Bayern’s versatile defensive midfielder is a longtime leader of the club. Josua Kimmich has made it to the 89 rating, but his stats are far from the top: average defense (83), sprint only 60, and with 68 strength, he is hard to push opponents. Kimmich has a great pass, but in EA’s footsime it doesn’t mean anything.

Casemiro (Man United, +3)

Newcomer Casemiro has the best rating at Manchester United. The Brazilian retained excellent defensive skills, but his lack of dispatching ability and heavy-handed dribbling made him a hulking lumberjack in the footsime. Squad builds are Casemiro’s primary role in FUT.

Sadio Mane (Bayern, +3)

The chic card of Sadio Mane unexpectedly got into our rating. The Senegalese has excellent speed and attacking characteristics, but the game has noticed a lack of long passes (71) and crosses (78). Mane is a top-notch striker, but in midfield his qualities are fading.

Ngolo Kante (Chelsea, +3)

Ngolo Kante is a legend of the last parts of FIFA. The nimble defensive midfielder snatched balls from big opponents, so he was often bought by fans of the Premier League. In FIFA 23, Ngolo has noticeably worsened. The speed of 72 with a ridiculous sprint of 68 is no longer impressive, and low strength finally finished off the real stats of the defender. It seems that we will no longer see the former Kante.

Jordi Alba (Barcelona, ​​+4)

Jordi Alba has aged and does not always start at Barcelona. In FIFA, his speed has fallen dramatically, and he has never stood out with protective and physical data. Alba is still quite good in the starting lineups, but his artificial rating is too obvious. The Spaniard’s card will not withstand another downgrade.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool, +4)

Trent’s performance has dropped a lot this season, his downgrade is a matter of time. The English card in FIFA 23 is terrible for speed (76) and good passes are useless in a vacuum and only valued by players in expensive special upgrades. Maybe Trent, the passer, is really better in midfield?

Joao Cancelo (Man City, +4)

Joao Cancelo is the best wide back in FIFA 23. In recent months, the Portuguese fell out with Guardiola and went on loan to Bayern, but there is no doubt about his strengths. Players love Cancela and often put him in Ultimate Team lineups, and a slight lack of speed (85) and defensive skills (81) fix Shadow.


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