Top 10 FIFA 23 Most Popular Players. KriRo and Holland are in place, but the defender won

There is not a single midfielder in the top.

We recently compiled a rating of the unpopular players in FIFA 23. Stars with a low speed got there – Toni Kroos and Rodri, who are very disliked by fifers. This time we’ve gone through the most popular Ultimate Team players. Compared to last year, the rating has changed a lot!

To compile the top, we used Futbin cross-platform statistics. Only basic gold cards participate in the rating.

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10. Lionel Messi (PSG, 91)

Lionel Messi narrowly passed the metas Militao and Ruediger to squeeze into the top 10. The Argentinian has lost his sprint speed (only 76 points), but he tempts players with a low price and cool attacking skills – a restructuring on the DAC will make a king out of Leo.

9. Erling Haaland (Man City 88)

Erling Haaland burst into the top of the popular stars. At the beginning of the season, FUT was wildly imbued with a long type of acceleration, so the Norwegian phenomenon was in every lineup. Crazy sprinting speed and a powerful game model are the striker’s strengths. Fans of bright tricks Holland will not go.

8. Kylian Mbappe (PSG, 91)

Kylian Mbappe is a FIFA 23 superstar. The fastest footsim player got a great finish (93) and 5 ⭐ feints, so is still worth about a million coins. Kylian’s selfishness was scolded at the beginning of the season, but the 2022 World Cup has greatly improved his reputation. It seems that in the new part, Mbappe will single-handedly lead the footsima rating.

7. Theo Hernandez (Milan, 85)

Italy’s Serie A is unpopular, but Theo Hernandez has kept his place in the top 10. Milan’s left-back has a high speed (93), height (184 cm) and a strong physique (83), so the fifers find other Frenchmen for teamwork. The weak defensive skills of the real Theo in FIFA are almost invisible.

6. Kyle Walker (Man City, 85)

Kyle Walker has been a little off on pace lately and hasn’t always played at City’s first team. It’s different in FIFA: the players love the Englishman’s rushes (94) and his tackles (84) and physicality (82) are among the best among wide-backs. Walker with Anchor is a must-have for Premier League fans.

5. Neymar (PSG, 89)

Neymar is popular despite years of stagnation. The Brazilian has a specific model, but it all pays off with great dribbling, 5⭐ weak foot and feints and perfect links to the PSG players. The Neymar card is available to everyone and costs only 100,000 coins.

4. Ferland Mendy (Real Madrid, 83)

Ferland Mendy’s progress at Real Madrid has slowed down, but his FIFA popularity has not faded. The Frenchman is a happy owner of excellent speed (92) and physics (84), which are very much appreciated by fifers. Because of the simple links, the mehndi card is indispensable for beginners.

3. Vinicius Junior (Real Madrid, 86)

Neymar’s time is slowly coming to an end. His main successor is Vinicius Junior. The runner from Real Madrid got stronger, and a solid finish (84) was pulled up to his natural technical data. Vinicius lacks only passes, but the fifers fix this little nuisance with Dead Eye.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Man United, 90)

FIFA players love Cristiano Ronaldo very much. The Portuguese was cut with speed (81), and his balance of 67 turned the model into a piece of wood, but the attacker was put in the compositions more often than the met Haaland. The magic of cheat animations and hits is still there, although you are unlikely to go with Cristiano to FUT Champions. Unfortunately, after moving to Al-Nasr, Ronaldo is waiting for a big downgrade. In EA FC 24, we will no longer see the former Criro.

1. Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool 90)

Virgil van Dijk is the most popular player in FIFA 23. Liverpool’s Dutch centre-defence has given up after suffering a cross injury, but he is great in the game. Van Dijk is a reference defender with a fantastic sprint (91) and a huge model that pushes opponent forwards like pins. Recently, Virgil was named to last year’s symbolic team – the fans simply couldn’t think of a more interesting alternative.


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