Top 10 Cheap FIFA 23 Cheat Cards. Zaha is a master of tricks, Traore has a turbo mode

The best players for the starting lineup.

The FIFA 23 season has already begun. You probably created a club in Ultimate Team, but you may have missed some interesting options for strengthening the squad. We have selected 10 impressive players worth up to 10 thousand coins, which are not inferior to expensive cards.

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Edouard Mendy (Chelsea)

Edouard Mendy is the best value for money FIFA 23 goalkeeper. Height 197 cm, excellent links to Chelsea and an amazing partner Kalidou Koulibaly made the Senegalese a popular keeper from the Premier League. It is very strange that it costs only ten.

Lukas Klostermann (RB Leipzig)

Lukas Klostermann moved from the flank to the center, but kept the same speed. He has a tall height (189 cm) and excellent defensive skills that will enhance any defensive chemistry style. In addition, the German from Leipzing is easy to link.

Dayo Upamecano (Bayern)

Dayo Upamecano is a real FIFA 23 gem. Previously often overlooked for his sluggishness and low stamina, the Frenchman has become one of the toughest opponents for strikers with the addition of boost types. Even summer special cards won’t run away from Upamecano after casting Shadow, and high strength will prevent dribblers from slipping through.

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Juan Cuadrado (Juventus)

Former winger Juan Cuadrado has settled into the right flank. His defensive skills have grown, while his speed and phenomenal technique with five-star feints have remained in place. Cuardado is always the first to get to the ball, it is very pleasant to control his model.

Emre Can (Borussia D)

Emre Can has been cheating in FIFA for several parts, but in the 23rd he became even cooler. The German received alternative positions of the defensive midfielder and the central lock, and the long type of acceleration and amazing physics made him the king of the center of the field. Better than Gullit!

Rodrigo de Paul (Atletico Madrid)

In life, Rodrigo is fiercely protective of Messi, but in FIFA 23 he is even more interesting than his star teammate. De Paul plays poorly with his head and hits a penalty, but all the other skills of the Argentinean are high. It turned out to be the perfect box-to-box: he runs cool, accurately passes and does not run out of breath until the end of the game.

Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace)

Wilfried Zaha is more suitable for the Premier League squad, but links through the country surprisingly well – many Ivorians in the 23rd part received strong cards. The main feature of Zaa is five stars of tricks. Wilfrid performs difficult technical moves, but unlike many dribblers, he finishes moments well.

Rafael Leau (Milan)

Many young players have been improved in FIFA 23, but Milan’s Rafael Leau card stands out in particular. The Portuguese instantly became a meta: he got 4×4 stars of tricks and a weak foot, excellent speed and dribbling. Due to his high growth, Leau closes the crosses to the far post quite well.

Angel Correa (Atletico Madrid)

The nimble Angel Correa is ideal for a starting striker. Under the “Shadow”, he quickly breaks into free zones, hits accurately and spins the balls well. The only weakness of the Argentinean is a bad heading game.

Adama Traore (Wolves)

Adama Traore is a FIFA legend. In the 23rd part, he remained the fastest player that anyone can buy at the beginning of the season. Traore is a player of extremes. He rushes like a Gunslinger-style rocket, feints and pushes defenders off with a powerful body, but hitting and passing is not impressive. However, even if you don’t score, you’ll have a lot of fun playing turbo as the Spaniard.

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