The scariest monster in The Last of Us was played by a nine-year-old girl

The scariest monster in The Last of Us was played by a nine-year-old girl

Beware, spoilers. And gymnastics!

Episode 5 of The Last of Us has a powerful finale. An armed gang is at war with the infected and proves that humanity has no chance. Even a drifter came to the slaughterhouse, who ignored the shots and tore their heads apart.

Although the most tense moment is connected with the nutcracker girl. She almost ate Ellie, and then saved the heroes from the villainess Kathleen.

The monster frightened with unnatural movements: it terribly bent and hammered people with sharp blows. No wonder the audience was so tense.

Under the guise of a bloodthirsty nutcracker, nine-year-old Skye Cawthon. She is in charge of the office. This is a genre of acrobatics in which athletes bend their bodies into bizarre shapes. That’s why her nutcracker moved so pretentiously.

Craig Mazin made the nutcracker a baby for a reason. By this he emphasized the cruelty of the infection, which does not care about age.

In addition, the clicker girl added symbolism to Kathleen’s death. The villainess said that children die every day and do not deserve special treatment, and a couple of moments later she herself becomes a victim of a child.

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