The new season of Fortnite is about futurism and UFOs. Now here’s a crossover with Rick and Morty and Superman!

Wubba lubba dub dub.

Hunting and prehistory are replaced by robots and futurism – Fortnite season 17 is now available! New events, equipment and much more have been added to the game. And most importantly – now the game has Rick Sanchez from the animated series “Rick and Morty”!

Download Fortnite for Android for free from the official website

Download Fortnite on PC (PC) for free from the official site

The plot and challenges of the 17th season of Fortnite

If last season we were offered archery and hunting, then in the new season we are waiting for aliens and incomprehensible TVs. Here are the tests we are offered to pass according to the plot of the season:

  • Use a radio transmitter
  • Examine the crashed black helicopter
  • Fix broken telescopes
  • Destroy creepy TVs

Fortnite Season 17 Battle Pass

The new season’s battle pass has two of the coolest characters – Rick Sanchez and Superman! Rick is being passed off as a level 100 battle pass, while Superman remains a secret skin for now. Apparently, he will be somehow explained by the plot, because he is also associated with aliens.

Skins in Fortnite season 17:

  • Chimera
  • Sunny
  • Guggimon
  • Joey
  • Zeke
  • Dr. Sloan
  • Rick Sanchez
  • Superman (secret skin)

Download Fortnite for Android for free from the official website

Download Fortnite on PC (PC) for free from the official site

Fortnite season 17 rewards:

  • Chimera Skin

  • Emblem for the flag
  • Backpack “Karas-Janky”
  • Graffiti “Variability”
  • Trail from the fall of “Flying Saucers”
  • Chimera’s Blazing Backpack
  • 100 V-Bucks
  • Alien Ripple Wrap
  • Chimer Swarm loading screen
  • Emote “Mini UFO”
  • Sunny Skin

  • Pickaxe “Killer Guitar”
  • 100 V-Bucks
  • Lava Pattern Wrap
  • Emoji “Alien Yummy”
  • Emblem for the flag
  • Sunny Song Music Pack
  • 100 V-Bucks
  • Loading screen “Take Me Too”
  • Graffiti “Welcome Aliens”
  • Wandering Sunny Style

  • Hang glider “Hang glider Ufologist”
  • Loading screen “Incendiary Ending”
  • Emblem for the flag
  • Traces of the fall “Badges and signs”
  • Backpack “Patch Backpack”
  • 100 V-Bucks
  • Wrapper “Laser packaging”
  • 100 V-Bucks
  • Alien Ska Emote
  • Skin Guggimon

  • Hang glider “Flying Skull”
  • Graffiti “Guggi Was Here”
  • Emoji “Bre(n)d”
  • Ax 2 Grind Music Pack
  • Backpack “Fashion disaster-janky”
  • Loading screen “Vision”
  • Pickaxe “Knock Knock”
  • 100 V-Bucks
  • Emblem for the flag
  • Skin “Joey”

  • Traces of the fall “Inversion”
  • Tower Fall loading screen
  • Twin pick “Cottany”
  • Emoji “Many-Eyed Cat”
  • Graffiti “Inner World”
  • Wrap “Clasp”
  • Backpack “Space Backpack”
  • Emblem for the flag
  • 100 V-Bucks
  • Built-in second nature emote

  • Backpack “Meowskul-janky”
  • Vulcan Salute Emote
  • 100 V-Bucks
  • Pickaxe Style Sunshine Cottans
  • Graffiti Wolf Tattoo
  • Loading screen “Skins”
  • Wrap “Invaders”
  • Style for a backpack “Solar space backpack”
  • 100 V-Bucks
  • Zeke Skin

  • Pet “Tsap-tsap”
  • Emblem for the flag
  • Fall trace “Multicolored histogram”
  • Graffiti “We are together”
  • Hang glider “Cosmoskat”
  • Zika Skin Wrap
  • 100 V-Bucks
  • Pickaxe “Chainsaw Knife”
  • Pluxarian Gothic loading screen
  • Doctor Sloan Skin

  • Pickaxe “OP Eliminator”
  • Graffiti “Sloan”
  • Backpack “Eighth-janky”
  • Mission Sloane loading screen
  • 100 V-Bucks
  • Hang glider “Invisible”
  • 100 V-Bucks
  • The trail from the fall of “Jet Repulsors”
  • OP Gear Backpack
  • Fighting Sloan Style

  • Midnight Zeke Style
  • Emblem for the flag
  • Wrap “Innovation”
  • Emoji “Angry Cow”
  • 100 V-Bucks
  • Detonation Music Pack
  • Emote “Folding chaise longue”
  • Loading screen “Royal Cow”
  • 100 V-Bucks

  • Rick Sanchez Skin
  • Pickaxe “Hammerhead Morty”

  • Emoji “Loud Burp”
  • 100 V-Bucks
  • Rick Dance Emote
  • Graffiti “Interdimensional Rick”
  • Hang Glider “Rick’s Flying Saucer”
  • Rick Universe loading screen
  • Rick’s Portal Wrap
  • Backpack “Robot for oil”

New weapons in Fortnite season 17

The game has a new type of weapon – an alien. Here is a complete list of such weapons:

  • Chimera Beam Launcher

  • Pulse Rifle

  • Railgun

  • Intelligence Scanner

All weapons are located inside the new locations – the base of the OP.

The flying saucer is a new vehicle in Fortnite season 15

In order to control a flying saucer, you must first obtain it. UFOs appear randomly on the map. After that, just sit inside.

The plate has 600 health and 30 damage, so it’s more of a fun activity than a combat vehicle.

The new season in Fortnite has just begun – there is a lot of interesting things ahead!

* * *

Download Fortnite on PC or Android (Android) – Chapter 2 Season 7 has begun!

Download Fortnite for Android for free from the official website

Download Fortnite on PC (PC) for free from the official site

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