The new film by Alexander Nevsky is the best in history. Proving on GIFs

The new film by Alexander Nevsky is the best in history.  Proving on GIFs

Greatness in every frame.

On January 25, Alexander Nevsky’s film Attack on Rio Bravo entered the top 250 of Kinopoisk. The service suspected cheating and reset the votes, but this is nonsense. It’s about a brilliant action movie that surprises with its plot, action and exquisite acting. I prove it with gifs, after which you will definitely give the film a ten!

Nevsky plays the outstanding marksman Ivan. He peacefully drives the wagon, but the stupid bandits do not notice his coolness.

Can you guess how the conflict will end?

The robbers should have seen how cool Ivan walks…

… lights up

… deals with the villains.

And the hero is romantic…

…and sensitive. This is how he reacts to the death of a comrade.

Ivan’s skills will come in handy soon. Lawyers are transporting the leader of a terrible gang into the city.

It just seems appropriate.

His henchmen burn cities, rape women, eat children, and don’t warn of spoilers.

The bandits are approaching the city to save the boss.

Surrounded on all sides.

Looking for prey.

This is where blood is shed.

But Ivan has already got a gun…

…and ready to fight.

The scoundrels in vain considered themselves hunters.

Ivan easily spreads them.

The hero seemed to have turned on the god mode.

He is invulnerable!

And the city is protected by the sheriff.

The leader of the gang still escapes and does crazy things.

But Ivan is already there.

He studies the enemy for a long time.

The tension is incredible.

Although everyone understands how the duel will end.

Convinced that the film is perfect?

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