The movie “65” – when is the release date?

The movie “65” – when is the release date?

Do you think dinosaurs died out long ago, and now you can only see them in museums as exhibits? Wait for the premiere of the film called “65” to make sure – there is still a chance to meet these creatures, at least for the main character of the novelty. We talk about the plot, production and composition of the actors.

And, of course, first we will name the release date of the film “65”, which will take place March 10, 2023, do not miss! Trailer

Millions of years ago

Mills is the title character of the 65 film, an astronaut who crashed. They had to make an emergency landing on Earth, which in theory is a pretty good outcome. But it soon becomes clear that such a conclusion is premature. – something went wrong and Mills ended up on a green planet from the time of the dinosaurs.

He has to survive in this predatory world and not get caught in the mouths of prehistoric animals. But he will not do it alone, but together with the girl Koa. An exciting adventure awaits them. every wrong step can cost a life. Will they be able to survive, we will find out in the film “65”, the release date of which is scheduled for March 10, 2023.

65 - new dinosaur movie

Information about the imminent premiere appeared in December 2022. Along with a brief synopsis, the bosses also released the trailer for “65”. And although the video cannot be called particularly informative, it definitely showed something to the public – very realistic dinosaurs and a gloomy atmosphere. Whether such a combo will be winning will be shown by the release date.

Curiously, the “65” tape, like many projects of late, was delayed in production. Initially, the bosses announced the premiere for May 2022, but it soon became clear – the bosses do not have time to release the film by the scheduled day. Then they decided to postpone the release of “65”.

When is the movie called 65 coming out?

Production and cast

Little is known about the production process itself. The release date for 65 was first talked about in September 2020. Immediately after the announcement, around November, the team began filming, which took place in New Orleans. The director’s post was shared by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods. They also took the chairs of the screenwriters. The film was produced by Sam Raimi.

The cast of “65” deserves special attention and, as you understand, it is not numerous. Title role went to Adam Driver. We saw him in some tapes of the Star Wars universe, as well as in the sensational documentary The House of Gucci. His colleague on the set was the American actress Ariana Greenblatt. Also among the performers is Chloe Coleman.

The details of the plot have been described, the trailer for the film “65” has been shown, now we are waiting for its release date. We’ll find out after watching. could the heroes survive in the cruel ancient world or the dinosaurs still defeated them.



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