The most powerful weapon in Hogwarts Legacy was not magic, but cabbage – a ruthless plant cracks down on enemies in seconds

Portal PC Gamer noticed that the fantasy role-playing action game Hogwarts Legacy from Warner Bros. Games and Avalanche Software found something more powerful than magic spells in the game.

  Image Source: LowFatMilk

Image Source: LowFatMilk

We are talking about a magical plant Chinese Chomping Cabbage, which, as you might guess from the name, is grown in China and loves to chew on various objects.

In Hogwarts Legacy, Chinese Chewing Cabbage is also found to be extremely effective against enemies, especially with the right equipment mods (Herbology III) and talents (Fertiliser). The result is there:

User CumboJumbo on Reddit suggests that Herbology III increases damage (the property must be attached to all clothing items), and Fertilizer generates additional cabbage for free.

Build optimization also involves creating four growing tables in the Help Room with three medium-sized pots on each. This set will produce 12 cabbages every 12 minutes.

In conjunction with the listed auxiliary elements (and other plants for greater synergy), Chinese Chewing Cabbage heads literally eat through enemies. It is possible that in future patches the authors will want to weaken the weapon.

Hogwarts Legacy was released on February 10 on PC (Steam, EGS), PS5, Xbox Series X and S. In the UK retail, the project showed the best launch among Harry Potter games and surpassed Elden Ring by 80% in initial sales.

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