The most interesting cards in FIFA. Crazy Halloween, Christmas monsters and mustachioed football players

They are no longer released.

Ultimate Team appeared in 2009. A couple of years later, the add-on became free, and the popularity of FIFA flew into the sky. EA Sports has always made money from gamers, but in the past, game events were carefully thought out, so they came out less often. We tell you which color cards in the Ultimate Team mode players remember the most.

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The Scream Team came out on Halloween. Players received large temporary upgrades

In FIFA 17, EA has changed the way they issue cards. In November 2016, the thematic Scream Team was released, which the developers dedicated to Halloween. Football players received mystical werewolf cards.

The rules of the Halloween event have changed. At first, the cards were boosted during the holidays, but already in the following parts of FIFA, players received a dynamic boost of certain indicators (for example, speed) throughout the season. Fifers coolly greeted the non-football event, but years later the interesting concept of Scream Team causes pleasant nostalgia.

Movember is a charity event about mustachioed football players. The players did not understand anything, but it was funny

FIFA 17 was rich in experimentation. A couple of weeks after Scream Team, EA released Movember, a mustachioed team. The unusual action turned out to be charitable. EA ran it across every sports project that year, and ended up donating $200,000 to the Movember Foundation, which focuses on mental health and suicide prevention among men.

The event did not become popular due to a small improvement of +1 point to the ratings of football players and an incomprehensible idea. Fifers joked that some of the event cards did not even have vegetation in the photo. “Usabr” lasted only a year and later looked into FUT only in the form of a unique kit.

New Year’s FUTmas was the main event of FIFA. Colored cards killed him

FUTmas is a former EA Sports New Year’s event. It has been running since 2017 and has been the main event for every player for several years. EA specially selected interesting players and combined the event with the New Year holidays, and FUTmas cards stood out with a significant boost against the background of the teams of the week and significantly strengthened the rosters. Moussa Sissoko became the legend of the event. His meta New Year’s card was collected by a lot of fifers, so the Frenchman appeared in almost every match.

In FIFA 21, FUTmas has transformed into Freeze. In the new promo, the players changed positions, but the players did not like it. The event lost its festive spirit and got lost among other color cards that came out every week.


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