The most annoying feature of God of War Ragnarok got into the game through an oversight of the developers

IGN noticed that in a recent interview with MinnMax, Narrative Director Matt Sophos and God of War Ragnarok Lead Writer Richard Gaubert explained why the game’s companions are so annoying.

  Image Source: ResetEra (Tyaren)

Image Source: ResetEra (Tyaren)

Recall that after the release, players noted an extremely annoying feature in God of War Ragnarok – allies constantly give hints during puzzles, not allowing them to solve the riddle themselves, and this cannot be turned off.

According to Sophos, the problem was the result of an oversight by the developers. Towards the end of production, there were fewer and fewer testers, and the team was unable to properly calibrate the system.

“We didn’t know anything until the game came out. Then our reaction was: “Damn.” If we were aware [проблемы], they would react. It won’t happen again.”Gobert assured.

  Image Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Image Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Despite the fact that now the problem of annoying teammates in God of War Ragnarok is not a secret for the team, you should not count on a patch to correct the situation.

Sophos added that he would be happy to see a solution to the problem in a future update, but does not know how difficult it will be to write the necessary changes into the God of War Ragnarok code.

God of War Ragnarok debuted on November 9, 2022 on PS4 and PS5. The game received high ratings (94% on Metacritic) and by February 1, 2023, it sold over the world 11 million copies.

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