The Last of Us Game: Survive or Die?

The Last of Us Game: Survive or Die?

In 2011, the announcement of a completely new game from the developer Naughty Dog called “The Last of Us” was released, the publisher was Sony. Already in 2013, the video game appeared on PS3, and in 2014 it became available on the new PlayStation 4 console. To the delight of fans, in 2016, the release date for The Last of Us 2, which is a sequel to the first part, was presented. It is known that the heroes remained the same, as well as the conditions of their existence. But between the two stories there is a gap of 5 long years, the characters have grown significantly older and faced tougher survival conditions in their scary game world.

At the moment, no one can say the day when the release date of “The Last of Us 2” will take place, but we analyzed the official resources, and dared to conclude that the second part will be released on PS4 – June 19, 2020.

There are rumors about work on part 3, there are no details yet and a release date too, but to be continued ..

Mushroom mutant against the whole planet

The main action in the toy takes place in North America. After a dangerous infection knocked down most of the population, people were divided into several camps. Among them there are those who value their health and live in quarantine zones surrounded by soldiers, others survive in the terrible conditions of the ruins of the outside changed world. Everyone who ended up outside the bunkers became bandits, cannibals or carriers of infection. People who catch the infection resemble zombies, they destroy cities and healthy residents of the surviving states.

The protagonist Joel lost his daughter, his story is told in detail in the prologue. And for 20 years now, the guy has been smuggling along with a certain girl named Tess. Soon, the Cicada squad stumbles upon a gangster couple. This group incites people in quarantine to riot, while they themselves are diligently developing a vaccine against infection. In an attempt to take the world from the crazed creatures and return it to people, The Cicadas find a girl, Ellie, with an incredibly strong immune system. At the request of the head of the team, Joel takes the orphan and sets out to deliver her to her destination – the great Capitol.

The Last of Us 2

Almost nothing is known about the details of the new plot, as well as the exact release date of the 2nd part of the action-adventure The Last of Us. The latest news is coming! Players will have to pick up joysticks and control the grown-up Ellie, and not the heroic Joel.

In agonizing expectation

“Part II” of the famous game is in the last stages of development. There are already several trailers, according to which we can safely say that the gameplay has been preserved. Ellie and Joel are still out of the quarantine zone escaping zombies and hostile survivors, perform tasks and reveal themselves from a new side. According to preliminary data, the project will go on sale in late 2019 – early 2020. Fans can expect incredibly realistic graphics created using the latest computer technology, but only after the release date of the second part!

Name release date
The Last of Us 2 19 June 2020 of the year

The Last of Us 2 trailer


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