The Infected in The Last of Us are connected. Explaining how it changes

The Infected in The Last of Us are connected.  Explaining how it changes

The first piece of the script.

The second series is called «Infected» — in it we learn a lot about zombies in the series «The Last of Us». The last minutes do not hesitate to change the canon: it will be interesting for those who remember the game perfectly.

The finale of the series in the Capitol hits on the spot: look faster! A couple of minutes before this, Joel shoots an awakened zombie in the head. Togo is suddenly entangled in a mycelium, and we see how, hundreds and thousands of meters around, the infected rise from the ground and headlong run to the building where the heroes took refuge.

There was no such connection between the infected in the game. There, they just roamed around the world lazily and bit ordinary people, infecting them with the virus of insanity. The cordyceps fungus sought to spread quickly and thanks to the constant mistakes of mankind, he succeeded.

In the series, in general, there is a feeling that the fungus has grown all over the planet. It lives in the soil and feeds sleeping runners — infected in the first stage of the disease. If something happens somewhere close to one of these zombies, the rest wake up abruptly in a couple of seconds and run to that point.

And for humanity, such a fungus ability is a nightmare! Any zombies standing on bare ground should now be avoided. If you kill him, a crowd of angry infected will immediately come running here — even Joel’s muscles will not help here. These changes to the canon are clearly aimed at explaining to fans why the series will have less action. No sane person would actually engage in battle with a horde of the dead! And the series is not aiming for an action movie: we are playing a brilliant performance, a kind of adventure drama.

The innovation has its downsides. Joel confessed to Ellie that he killed the infected many times. And this does not prevent him from killing zombies lying on the ground. Here the evolution of cordyceps looms, well, or a logical jamb in the script. The second is clearly closer to the truth, which brings us to an important point: what else did the show’s writers sacrifice logic for?

Also, you are probably wondering why the clickers do not react to the shameless walking of the heroes through the mycelium or the lack of communication between them and the rest of the infected. Before entering the museum, Joel checked the mycelium and realized that it had dried up. For the smugglers, this meant that the building was most likely empty. Just because of the dried up mycelium, the click beetles were left on their own: no one could come to their aid.

Like they need her! Damn monsters will bite anyone.

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