The first major update for Team Fortress 2 in a long time turned out to be a catch

The PC Gamer portal noticed that Valve quietly edited the text of the recent announcement of the upcoming update of the Team Fortress 2 team multiplayer shooter. The game community did not appreciate this move.

  Image Source: Valve

Image Source: Valve

Recall that in a publication dated February 9 (the first in the official Team Fortress 2 blog over the past two and a half years), Valve promised for the game “full size update” with items, cards, taunts and “who knows what else”.

Fans greeted the news with enthusiasm, but the announcement contained a catch: the update will consist entirely of content from the Steam Workshop developers, and not partially. Valve has now clarified this in the announcement text.

Instead of “full size” the future update of Team Fortress 2 has become “festive”and the wording “who knows what else” changed to “and other community-provided fixes for the game”.

  After Jungle Inferno (pictured) in 2017, major updates for Team Fortress 2 began to be collected from community content

After Jungle Inferno (pictured) in 2017, major updates for Team Fortress 2 began to be collected from community content

The Team Fortress 2 community is no stranger to disappointment, but the reticence with which Valve edited the announcement announcement and the implementation of the update’s content left fans with a nasty aftertaste.

Some of the players were upset (one of the fans called the actions of Valve “kick in the gut”), but most of the fan base didn’t expect anything else:

  • “They gaslight us”writes DehydratedEpic;
  • “We’ve been fooled”– sums up problem_bro;
  • “They will continue to do so until we lose the will to live. They won’t stop, they’ll keep taking from us endlessly, endlessly, endlessly, endlessly…” — succumbed to despair ThatSandvichIsASpy01;
  • “An update is an update”– Psycopathic_Duck does not lose heart;
  • “Every fucking time”– says Schmootyf, who has forgotten what joy is.

Team Fortress 2 was released in October 2007 and became shareware in June 2011. The upcoming content update is going to be released this summer. Applications from the developers of the “Steam Workshop” are accepted until May 1.

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