The film “The Third Extra” part 3

The film “The Third Extra” part 3

If you are familiar with the name Ted, then you should definitely know the release date of the movie “The Third Extra 3”. This is not a melodrama about a love triangle, but a very funny film about a boy and his teddy bear.

If you like this movie, then know the release date of the comedy “The Third Extra 3” will no longer take place. You can no longer wait.

The beginning of this story seems like a cute fairy tale, the boy is given a teddy bear and he comes to life. But after the fairy tale, real life begins. This boy, whose name is Johnny, is growing up and his bear is growing up with him. They have as much fun as they can and don’t miss parties. But there is one thing, the boy has a girlfriend who wants him to grow up and not have fun with his teddy bear. After that, Ted becomes the third wheel.

Third Extra 3

In the second part, Ted wants to have a baby with his soul mate, but as it turns out, he is not a person, but a toy. But friends do not give up and try to overcome this problem together. Not forgetting to tease each other in various situations. What awaits us in the third film remains a mystery, but you will only be able to unravel it after the release date.


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