The film “3 X: World Domination”

The film “3 X: World Domination”

As it became known, Xander Cage did not die on Bora Bora, and you will be able to verify this after the release date of the movie “3 X” 3 parts. In the second part, the famous rapper Ice Cube played the role of a tough agent of the special unit, and when he asked where his predecessor was, he was told that he was killed in Bora Bora.

If you don’t believe, you will be able to verify this after the release date of 3 X 3, which will take place – January 17, 2017. And in Russia and Ukraine it will be released two days later – January 19, 2017.

Three X's: World Domination

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Who does not remember, in the first part, the main role in the film 3 X was played by Vin Diesel. And as you may have guessed, we will see him in the third part. According to the plot of the film, a gang of psychos has appeared in the world, which no one can cope with, but the American government always has an ace up its sleeve, and in this case it is Xander Cage. As they say: it is necessary to knock out a wedge with a wedge. And in this case, it will be so, because the main character is the same crazy and extreme who is not afraid of anything. And most importantly he will assemble his team of inadequatewho will have to save the world. And I have no doubt that they will succeed.

More jokes and gags, more special effects, beautiful girls and cool cars await us in this film. All this you can see after the release date, which will take place soon.



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