The FIFA 23 World Cup 2022 expansion has arrived. Beautiful graphics, unique soundtrack and buggy online mode

The FIFA 23 World Cup 2022 expansion has arrived.  Beautiful graphics, unique soundtrack and buggy online mode

DLC for a couple of matches.

In FIFA 23, an addition to the 2022 World Cup has been released. It appeared in the game modes tab and is available for free. The World Cup in Qatar is the last major tournament in FIFA before the loss of the license, so gamers were waiting for the mode to be highly developed. We checked out what EA Sports has in store for players.

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In addition to the 2022 World Cup, there are several modes. Individual matches and tournaments available

Acquaintance with the add-on begins with the splash screen of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and the choice of your favorite team. The player from the base team will appear on the start screen of the DLC. In the settings, you can change your favorite team and re-read short stories of countries’ achievements in the World Cups.

In addition, four game modes appeared at once: live, single World Cup, quick match and online tournament. Live matches are centered around real World Cup 2022 matches. Here you can play against AI, local and online matches with friends. The most interesting live mode is «Your FIFA World Cup» with the choice of any moment of the World Cup to start a single tournament. The developers assure that the actual compositions will appear in it. The mode will open after the first match of the 2022 World Cup.

Single World Cup is immediately available. Its menu is designed in the style of the World Cup, and a lot of atmospheric advertising and inserts appeared during the matches — for example, before the games, the players line up for team photos. The gameplay itself has not changed, but some players have received new ratings and positions. There were no mistakes. When you exit the tournament, you will not recognize the winner, and the thin font of the text moves out in some menus and, in general, turned out to be an amateur.

In the quick match mode, confrontations between World Cup teams and a small list of teams outside the qualification are available. The developers have highlighted each stage, so in one click you can go to the final, which will show unique videos with the main trophy. AI simulations are available in quick mode. Give up team management and drag the gamepad icon to the middle — and you will see a match prediction between bots.

What attracts me the most is the idea of ​​playing World Cup teams with other players. EA has developed an online mode that starts from the 1/8 finals. There are no awards in it, but the atmosphere of a football holiday can make you spend several evenings here.

The mini-tournament could have been the heart of the expansion, but it turned out to be a bug. Many players have encountered a critical bug that prevents them from playing online matches. The bug from the last World Cup was repeated: the game recognizes the out-of-sync of the rosters in the client, and therefore blocks the matches.

Deleting profiles and updating lineups helped some players, but most fifers never played online. We are waiting for an official fix from EA closer to the start of the World Cup.

The FIFA World Cup lacks authenticity. EA only made a pretty wrapper

The fears of the players about the World Cup came true. It’s nice to plunge into the atmosphere of the tournament for a few matches, but when the emotions pass, a boring template remains before your eyes. Experienced players will notice that they have seen the same thing in career and created tournaments. Only the cover has changed.

EA did not wait for the release of the official applications of the national teams. The developers gave a wide choice of players — in many teams there are about 40 of them, but this destroyed the realism. The live matches mode will brighten up the picture a bit during the tournament, but will be available with restrictions. Only a few faces were updated for the add-on, and non-star players were left without game faces.

The soundtrack is the only reason to praise the developers. 40 hit songs from past FIFA games have been added to the playlist. Unfortunately, even here they have overreached and mixed the songs with the current album. Bored tracks can be turned off manually, but you have to tinker.

EA Sports has proven that the World Cup without packs is indifferent to it. In addition, the desire of the developers to work out the tournament, which takes place only once every 4 years, is not visible. Interesting ideas are not brought to the end, and key modes produce critical errors and scare away players who were expecting an addition.

World Cup 2022 in FIFA 23 is another hack. If EA does something interesting, then only in Ultimate Team.

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