the developers tipped the shooter 20 years of successful life

the developers tipped the shooter 20 years of successful life

Respawn Entertainment has high hopes for Apex Legends, confident that the game will remain relevant for years to come. In an interview with IGN, design director Evan Nikolich expressed his hope that Apex Legends «will last 20 years like Counter-Strike». But for this, she needs to remain self-sufficient and convenient for gamers.

Image Source: Electronic Arts

“All internal systems must remain strong, interesting and user-friendly from season to season, even if we do not have time to add radically new content”, — this is how Nikolic sees the secret of the longevity of a successful project. All in the same interview, he decided to compare the development of Apex Legends with the formation of basketball as a traditional sport.

“Basketball is my favorite game, it has changed a lot in just 100 years, explained Apex Legends Design Director. — So, we are now living through the first five years of the life of basketball, when there is no shot clock, no three-point line, and much more. It will take time and more time to add new material, new content.”.

  Image Source: SteamDB

Image Source: SteamDB

Also today, February 15th, Apex Legends’ peak concurrent players on Steam was 610,433, setting a new record. The previous best result of the online shooter was 511 thousand players — the figure was improved by almost 100 thousand.

An unprecedented increase in interest in the multiplayer shooter Respawn Entertainment is associated with the release of the season of «Rampant», which redesigned the class system and added a deathmatch mode. Curiously, the previous peak online record in Apex Legends was set for a similar reason.

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