The Chinese version of Realme 10 Pro + also began to block calls in Russia

From users of Chinese versions of Realme 10 Pro + smartphones, complaints began to be received that the smartphone had lost the ability to make and receive calls. Appropriate complaints appeared on, but the problem clearly affects other countries as well.

  Image Source: realme

realme 10 pro+. Image Source: realme

“Your phone is customized for a specific region. Communication functions are limited in the current region. Please contact Realme support to resolve the issue”reads a notification received by a user of one of the smartphones that came from China through unofficial channels.

It is known that Realme 10 Pro and Realme 10 Pro + have already started officially selling in Russia this month and these devices are reportedly working fine. We are talking specifically about the Chinese version, purchased outside of Russia before the start of official sales on the domestic market. It is reported that the blocking of calls occurs a few days after the appearance of an alert for a different region.

The other day, users of the flagship OnePlus 11, also imported from China, began to report a similar problem. It is possible that the restrictions will apply to all or many 2023 smartphone models manufactured by BBK brands. This company owns a huge market segment: it owns the brands Oppo, OnePlus, Realme, as well as Vivo and iQOO.

Users suggested that problems can be avoided by activating a smartphone in China and then using it in another country. As Evgeny Makarov, the editor of the Mobiletelefon portal, said in his Telegram channel, this is useless. After activating in China with a local SIM card, they tried to use the smartphone with a foreign SIM, after which calls were also blocked in it. In the case of OnePlus, changing the firmware helps, and probably with Realme, this approach will also help.


The Russian representative office of Realme commented on the situation to Evgeny Makarov: “There is no talk of blocking Realme devices in Russia. Certified devices of the brand are officially presented on the country’s market, which are covered by full service support. In case of questions regarding the functioning of devices intended for other markets, users can contact the Russian service support, where they will need to provide the smartphone itself, a purchase receipt, IMEI and a number of other data. For more information, please call: 8-800-707-25-75“.

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