The boss told James Cameron to cut Avatar. That’s what he said!

The boss told James Cameron to cut Avatar.  That’s what he said!

After that, the boss exploded and kicked the director out of the office.

A text about James Cameron was released on GQ — there the director told how he studied cinema, how he became a farmer, and how he almost flew into space. But the most daring stories are about Cameron’s confidence.

Didn’t compromise with the studio boss. Cameron pitched the idea for Avatar to a Fox executive. Peter Chernin was excited about the idea, but suggested removing the «tree-hugging hippie nonsense.» To which Cameron responded, “Peter, this is the moment in my career and life where I can make any film I want. And I decided to shoot this story because of this bullshit about hippies hugging trees.»

Of course, Chernin refused, but Cameron made a knight’s move — he threatened that he would go to competitors at Disney, and Peter would be sorry when Avatar made a ton of money. Chernin was adamant. Cameron still shot Avatar with Fox, but the second part will be released under the Disney brand.

There is a second story — it’s about Cameron’s great punches. One of the bosses, after the pre-premiere screening, begged the director to cut the film, but Cameron issued the following:

“I think this film will make a lot of money. And when it does, it will be too late for you to love this movie. The time to love the movie is now. Just understand, I will always know that no matter how you praise the film in the future, when it will collect all the money in the world, you will not be able to come up to me and praise the film and say: «Look what we did together.» You can not do it!». Of course, after this, the boss exploded and kicked the director out of the office.

Cameron doesn’t fit the stereotype of polite Canadians. At several locations, the crew even had T-shirts that said, «Don’t scare me — I work for Jim Cameron.»

And it is true. James is a perfectionist and demands that everyone around him strive for perfection. He’s not used to giving compliments. Cameron has a simple rule: when he doesn’t make a negative comment, it’s a compliment.

But there is a hack! If Cameron becomes too unbearable, it means that he forgot to eat, and then the master can be appeased with nuts or chocolate.

After this text, do not think that James Cameron is some kind of demanding sissy. He is famous for being able to do any job on set. He was used to the fact that the director must have dirty hands. James works on an equal footing with everyone, and does not consider any work below him.

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