The best Russian players in FIFA 23. Golovin and Miranchuk are in the top, and Dziuba is not in FUT at all

There is also a player from Korea.

FIFA 23 has been released. There are no more Russian clubs and national teams in the EA Sports footsime, but there are enough players left. We have collected all the facts about our legionnaires in FUT and their coaching careers.

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Top 10 Russian players in FIFA 23

  1. Alexander Golovin (“Monaco”) – 79
  2. Alexey Miranchuk (“Torino”) – 78
  3. Stanislav Kritsyuk (“Gil Vicente”) – 77
  4. Artem Dzyuba (“Adana Demirspor”) – 77
  5. Andrey Lunev (“Bayer”) – 76
  6. Magomed Ozdoev (“Fatih Karagyumryuk”) – 76
  7. Denis Cheryshev (“Venice”) – 75
  8. Stanislav Ilyuchenko (“Seoul”) – 73
  9. Yuri Lodygin (“Panathinaikos”) – 73
  10. Nikita Khaikin (“Bude-Glimt”) – 72

• The Ultimate Team featured 19 players from Russia: five gold, eight silver, four bronze and two special cards. Lev Yashin received idol cards with ratings of 89, 91 and 94, while Alexander Mostovoy remained a FUT hero.

• Artem Dzyuba and Denis Cheryshev were not included in the Ultimate Team due to late transfers and are only available in career mode. Alexander Kokorin was listed as a Fiorentina player in an early build, but was not included in the release update of the database – there is no Cyprus championship in FIFA 23.

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• Where do our foreign players play? The record belongs to Turkey: Dzyuba (Adana Demirspor), Ozdoev (Fatih Karagyumryuk) and Kudryashov (Antalyaspor) went there. The Russians play in four of the top 5 leagues: Golovin in Monaco (France), Miranchuk in Torino (Italy), Iosifov in Villarreal (Spain), Lunev in Bayer (Germany). There is no one only in the Premier League.

• Golovin was given a card with a 79 rating for the fifth time in a row. Alexander is a left midfielder but has received several alternative positions: LV, CAM and RR. EA believes that the Russian is no longer progressing.

• Famalican’s Ivan Zlobin is the only Russian player with a realistic face in FIFA 23. Cheryshev has lost the game face he had with the 2018 World Cup.

• Former Celta player Mostovoy has the best FUT speed, shooting, passing and dribbling performance. Ozdoev is good in defense (73), while Kudryashov and Shirov excelled in physics (75 each). The most powerful Russian in his career is Dzyuba (84).

• Nikita Iosifov has the highest rating increase among Russian players (+12). Midfielder “Villarreal” grows in his career to 76 points.

• Lev Yashin is the strongest goalkeeper in FIFA 23 (94). The ZM-1963 card holder is two points ahead of Peter Schmeichel (92) and three points ahead of Edwin van der Sar and Petr Cech (91 each).

• Andrew Thomas is the lowest ranked Russian player in FIFA 23 (57). Born to a Russian-American family in Moscow, he soon moved to England where he began his career at Watford’s academy. The last goalkeeper club is the Seattle Sounders from MLS, for which Thomas has not yet played a single match.

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