The best hostage rescue movies of the 90s

The best hostage rescue movies of the 90s

Masterpieces with Bruce Willis and Nicolas Cage.

The nineties are the heyday of brutal action movies. After the success of Die Hard, viewers saw dozens of pictures about people who took a desperate step. We’ve rounded up nine of the best hostage rescue movies — with Bruce and more!

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«Mad City» (1997)

Mad City is a film by two Oscar winner Costa-Gavras. Former security guard Sam Bailey (John Travolta) came to the Museum of Natural History hoping to get his job back, and to make sure he grabbed a shotgun with dynamite. Ambitious local channel journalist Max Brackett (Dustin Hoffman) was filming a report and found himself at the future crime scene. He took advantage of the incident and put on a show with unpredictable consequences.

«Ordered to Destroy» (1996)

Film about the counter-terrorist operation in the air with Kurt Russell. A terrorist squad hijacked an interatlantic plane and demanded the release of the leader. At a Department of Defense briefing, Dr. David Grant (Kurt Russell) warned of the danger that dangerous DZ-5 gas could be on board. Lieutenant Colonel Austin Travis (Steven Seagal) came up with an unusual plan: fly a SWAT team in a reconnaissance aircraft using an airlock and destroy the terrorists before entering US airspace.

«Die Hard 2» (1990)

Die Hard 2 is the second part of the famous franchise. It’s been two years since John McClain (Bruce Willis) feat in the Nakatomi Plaza skyscraper. The police officer moved to Los Angeles and waited at the airport for his wife Holly (Bonnie Bedelia) to board on Christmas Eve. But the situation has deteriorated sharply. The terrorists seized the infrastructure of the airport and threatened to crash the planes that were hovering in the air and did not know what had happened on the ground.

«Con Air» (1997)

The plot of «Con Air» is built around the transport of prisoners. On board the police plane was former ranger Cameron Poe (Nicolas Cage), who served eight years for the manslaughter of a bully and was waiting to meet his family. After takeoff, dangerous criminal Cyrus Grissom (John Malkovich) killed the police and hijacked the plane. Only Cameron could stop a gang of bandits who almost got their freedom.

«Perfect World» (1993)

«A Perfect World» is a parable by Clint Eastwood about the non-ideality of our world. Criminals Robert «Butch» Haynes (Kevin Costner) and Terry Pugh have escaped from the local prison and taken hostage a little boy (T.J. Lowser). They were hunted by the old ranger Red Garnett (Clint Eastwood) and the talented criminologist Sally Gerber (Laura Dern). Over time, Butch became attached to the child, and the journey together changed their lives.

«Negotiator» (1998)

Danny Romen (Samuel L. Jackson) is a Chicago police negotiator. He brilliantly freed hostages, until one day he learned about the theft from the police fund, where he was a member of the board. Roman’s acquaintance Nat promised to tell the details at a secret meeting, but he was killed. Danny was arrested at the scene of the crime, and evidence was planted in his apartment. Only another negotiator, Chris Sabian (Kevin Spacey), could prove Roman’s innocence.

«Speed» (1994)

Speed ​​is the directorial debut of Jan de Bont. Jack Treven (Keanu Reeves) prevented a terrorist attack and received the title of detective, but a day after the award, a bus exploded in front of him. Terrorist Howard Payne (Dennis Hopper) called a pay phone and told Jack about a new plan: he had booby-trapped another bus that would explode if its speed dropped below 50 mph. An unwitting participant in the events was an ordinary passenger Annie Porter (Sandra Bullock).

«Rock» (1996)

Michael Bay action movie about the assault on Alcatraz. General Francis Hummel (Ed Harris) is outraged by the actions of the US government, which has not paid compensation to the families of those killed in covert operations. He captured a group of tourists at Alcatraz and issued an ultimatum: $100 million or a missile attack on San Francisco. The counter-terrorism operation team included bioweapons specialist Stanley Goodspeed (Nicolas Cage) and former MI6 agent John Patrick Mason (Sean Connery), who knew the underground tunnels well.

«Die Hard 3: Retribution» (1995)

John McClain (Bruce Willis) is in trouble: he divorced his wife, drank a lot, and he was suspended from his job. Meanwhile, an explosion occurred in New York. A certain Simon (Jeremy Irons) called the police department and demanded that John go to Harlem with an offensive poster for African Americans. He was noticed by electrician Zeus Carver (Samuel L. Jackson) and unwittingly joined the «game». The search for a maniac ended with an unexpected ending.

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