The authors of Before We Leave announced the city-building strategy Beyond These Stars about the creation of a civilization on the back of a space whale

PC Gamer has unveiled Beyond These Stars, an unusual city-building strategy from the developers of Before We Leave from the New Zealand studio Balancing Monkey Games and publisher Hooded Horse.

  Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

Beyond These Stars takes place in a procedurally generated galaxy roamed by a massive space whale known as Keva. On his back, players will have to build a civilization.

The people living on the body of Keva are called pipi. They will not only have to rebuild after “difficult times”but also explore other planets, meet representatives of other races and seek the truth about their ancestors.

In the course of the development of the settlement, the peeps will constantly have to make a choice between their aspirations and the well-being of Keva. Strengthening the relationship with the space whale will influence the trajectory of its flight through the galaxy.

These decisions will determine which path the pips will take – cultural prosperity, industrialization, or something in between. Players will face pollution and changing seasons (when the whale flies closer to the suns).

Beyond These Stars is billed as a direct sequel to Before We Leave. They promise more emphasis on world exploration and terraforming. Support for the Russian language is not announced at this stage.

Beyond These Stars Early Access starts this year on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store). At launch, there will be core game mechanics, an outpost system on alien planets, and a sandbox mode for 10 hours (for a single playthrough).

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