The 10 most unpopular FIFA 23 stars. Real Madrid and City players made it to the top

Total underestimation of Serie A.

In recent years, FIFA has rarely been wrong with the ratings. The database is analyzed by thousands of scouts, so footsim accurately rates popular players. But the problem of balance of characteristics has not disappeared anywhere. Some strong players got bad skills and remained unclaimed by fifers. Who is the least fortunate?

To compile the top, we used Futbin cross-platform statistics. Only star players with a rating of 86 and above participate in the top.

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10. Toni Kroos (Real Madrid, 88)

Toni Kroos is a regular customer of negative ratings. The German has a great feel for the game, but for FIFA this is an insignificant characteristic. Slow pace, poor agility and terrible heading made Kroos a weak midfielder. 500 thousand matches for such a card is a great achievement.

9. Marco Verratti (PSG, 87)

Marco Verratti has had a great career. He spent 11 years at PSG and won the Euro with Italy in 2021. But the midfielder is unlikely to be remembered by fifers. A flimsy physique and nondescript acceleration every year scare FIFA players away from the Italian.

8. Ciro Immobile (Lazio, 86)

The unpopularity of Ciro Immobile is striking. The Italian has good speed (85) and scoring (0.85), but the players ignore him when choosing a squad. Immobile is hampered by bad links from Lazio and cheap alternatives like Luis Muriel, but the main factor is the total underestimation of Ciro among fans.

7. Sergei Milinkovic-Savic (Lazio 86)

For many years, the Milinkovic-Savic card was in full view. She lacked speed, but the players appreciated Sergey’s power and often put him in Italian squads. FIFA has accelerated a lot in recent years, so the Serbian is rarely used before the release of special cards. Without a transfer to a top club, an unenviable fate awaits him.

6. Thiago Silva (Chelsea 86)

It looked like Thiago Silva was nearing the end of his career, but his third season at Chelsea proved otherwise. In FIFA, the Brazilian was a top for a long time, and after moving to England, he even raised his rating a little. Unfortunately, the 38-year-old Brazilian lost a lot of speed, which is why FIFA players usually use Silva for Squad Exchange (SQS).

5. Rodri (Man City, 87)

There was also a useless player in the star City. In recent years, Rodri has improved a lot and has become a key player for City, but his card has deteriorated in FIFA. EA did not appreciate the Spaniard’s measured game, so they cut his speed – in five years, Rodri lost ten points (58). There is nothing to do with such a pace in FUT.

4. Romelu Lukaku (Inter 86)

Romelu Lukaku left England and got a well-deserved downgrade. Nevertheless, the Belgian’s card received a good sprint speed (86), completion (88) and strength (95), and in the fall it was boosted by a cheating long acceleration. The Fifers ignored Lukaku due to the unpopularity of Serie A.

3. Marcelo Brozovic (Inter, 86)

Within a few years, Marcelo Brozovic became a star. EA recognized the Croatian, but gave him extremely inexpressive skills: the midfielder does not have a single indicator above 81 and only three stars of tricks. Brozovic’s main weapon is high stamina (94). Unsurprisingly, for the same price, players prefer the fast Barella.

2. Thomas Müller (Bayern 87)

Thomas Müller is a longtime member of FUT’s club of useless players. The slow German again received an uncontrollable model and weak skills, so on the release, the players traditionally ignored his existence. Muller’s Champions League card is much more popular – 3 million matches have already been played for it.

1. Daniel Parejo (Villarreal, 86)

The winner of our top is Dani Parejo. Midfielder “Villarreal” famously passes and beats the standards, but his inert card is completely unsuitable for the FIFA meta. At 50 speed, the Spaniard can’t keep up with the game and will become a liability in any scheme. A pair of Parejo-Kroos is the personal hell of any fifer.


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