Tears of the Kingdom impressed the Digital Foundry expert, but Nintendo cheated

On the eve of the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Digital Foundry doubted that the Breath of the Wild sequel would work on a regular Nintendo Switch – the game looked too good in the first trailers. Now that the project has reached the editors of the publication, the experts were able to test their concerns.

  Image Source: Nintendo and Digital Foundry

Image Source: Nintendo and Digital Foundry

As it turned out from the technical analysis of John Linneman (John Linneman), in pre-release trailers, Nintendo still showed a more detailed and “cleaner” picture than Tears of the Kingdom received at release, but the final result is still impressive polished for all its scope.

Against the backdrop of Breath of the Wild, the new game stands out with sharper (thanks to AMD FSR 1.0 integration) visuals, an improved cloud system, (slightly) better shadow quality, longer object draw distance, shorter load times, more responsive controls, and support for 5.1 surround sound.

  In TV mode, the game runs at resolutions between 720-900p (upgraded to 1080p thanks to FSR), and in portable mode - 720p

In TV mode, the game runs at 720-900p (boosted to 1080p thanks to FSR), while in portable mode it runs at 720p

In terms of performance, in the April preview and up to patch 1.1.0, the game suffered from serious performance problems, but the update that came out a week later improved the situation significantly: in most locations, Tears of the Kingdom produces a stable 30 frames / s, but subsidence enough.

The main culprit for the decrease in frame rate Linneman called the Ultrahand skill, which allows you to “glue” objects to each other – when using it, the game produces 20-25 frames / s (the effect is aggravated in especially “heavy” locations). At the same time, “stuttering” and problems with the distribution of personnel in the project are not observed.

Linneman said that Tears of the Kingdom turned out “surprisingly polished and finished” a game that works and feels better than you could imagine given the limitations of the Switch. At the same time, a specialist would welcome a version for a more powerful Nintendo console with open arms.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom launches today, May 12, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The first ratings of the sequel were at the level of Breath of the Wild – the average score of the new game on the review aggregator Metacritic was an impressive 96 out of 100%.

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