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Roblox Shindo Life Renshiki 2.0 Update: New Village & more!

Roblox Shindo Life has released a new Renshiki 2.0 update that brings a variety of new content, balancing, and bug fixes to the game! Roblox Shindo Life has released a new update on May 29th, 2022! This patch brings the 2.0 version to Renshiki, with all of the versions being available to spin. You can now head to the new village Vinland, and face off against the Renshiki boss there. Some new codes...[Read More]

Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator Save Amy Update: Patch Note

Roblox Sonic The Hedgehog gets a brand new update from May 14, 2022! We are waiting for a new incredible adventure to rescue Amy Rose from Eggman! There’s also some exclusive new Chao pets to collect, and a variety of performance and bug fixes added to the game. If any new codes are released in the future you will find them on our Sonic Speed Simulator codes page. You will find the patch notes and...[Read More]

Roblox Islands Fishing Update: Patch Notes

Easy.gg — developer of Roblox Islands and BedWars, has just released a new Fishing update! Below you will find the full patch notes describing all the changes made by the update to the Roblox Islands. Fishing Update Patch Notes Reworked Fishing We have updated the fishing system with a new mini-game to catch fish and added an improved bait system. Keep a lookout for new treasures to fish up!...[Read More]

The new Conqueror Kit is available in Roblox BedWars!

A quick addition to the May 7 update in Roblox BedWars has added a Conqueror Kit to the game, which you can use to place banners that strengthen your closest teammates! Developer Easy.gg, responsible for Roblox BedWars, has added a new Conqueror kit to the game, which gives you the ability to place banners that give a buff to your closest allies. Yesterday’s patch added a Minicopter vehicle,...[Read More]

Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator Update — New World 5 & Items

The latest update for Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator is already on the air, and it has brought a new Hill Top world and cool items to the game! On May 7, Roblox Sonic The Hedgehog received a new update that brings a new location (World 5) to the game, which is known as Hill Top. You’ll also find a brand new badge system, as well as some new ciao and trails to buy. Sonic Speed Simulator has als...[Read More]

Roblox Warrior Cats: New Ultimate Edition Update

Roblox Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition has just received the new Spring 2022 update that brings a variety of changes to the game! Roblox Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition has released its new Spring update on May 5th, 2022! This release brings roles into the game that you can select in your clan or groups. There’s also the new Spring 2022 gamepass pack, which is on sale for a limited-time. Clan camps ...[Read More]

Gravity Update in Roblox A 0ne Piece Game releases

Roblox A 0ne Piece game gets a new Gravity fruit update on May 4, 2022! Now you can go on a new Fujitor raid, and if you defeat them, you will have a chance to get the fruit of Gravity and a new Shikomizue sword as loot. The limit on crew members has been increased, and they have added the ability to exchange swords in the game. If you need some Whites, be sure to visit our A One Piece game codes ...[Read More]

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