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7 New Free Items: Roblox & Wimbledon Championships Event

Here are 7 free items for the upcoming Wimbledon Championships tournament, which starts in Roblox next week. A new sports event in Roblox starts next week. We are looking forward to cooperation with the most prestigious tennis tournament Wimbledon Championships and this collaboration will introduce another batch of thematic items to the platform, which can be obtained absolutely free of charge. Na...[Read More]

All free items in Roblox Tommy Play and how to get them

The Roblox x Tommy Hilfiger collab is here! Following in the steps of another Metaverse visitor, Clarks, clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger has teamed up with Roblox to release their BMX-themed experience, Tommy Play. Players hoping to earn a few free items inside of this experience are in luck, so hop on your bike and let’s get started! Earning all free Tommy Play items TJ Wearable BMX Backpack ...[Read More]

How to Get Gucci Oversize Sunglasses for Free in Roblox Gucci Town

Gucci is back in Roblox with five new free avatar items! Here’s a guide on how to pick up the first fashion accessory — Gucci Oversize Sunglasses. How to Get Gucci Oversized Sunglasses So, all you have to do to get Gucci Oversize sunglasses is to be trained by experience. To do this, just go to Gucci Town and follow the blue arrows that guide you around the map. The first destination i...[Read More]

Get the new Gucci Roblox Accessories in Gucci Town

Gucci will return to Roblox with Gucci Town. Already on May 27, 2022, you will be able to receive new items from the global brand! The event is confirmed by the official Gucci Twitter account with a teaser image displaying an in-game screenshot of what awaits us in the new experience. The Gucci vault and the Gucci store are clearly visible, as well as something similar to teleports that will proba...[Read More]

How to Get a Puma Essentials Cap in Puma and the Land of Games on Roblox!

Get the Puma Essentials Cap in just a few minutes on this new game! Puma and Land of Games use the new technology of multi-layered clothing Roblox. With Puma Web3 wearables, players can level up their characters with hyper-realistic clothing. Each Puma part can match any avatar body type from head to toe. In addition, as users explore new experiences, they can discover new areas and more items of ...[Read More]

Butterfly Wings & Screenshot Patchwork Jacket: Free Items in Spotify Island

How to get New FREE Items in Spotify Island. Two new FREE items: Butterfly Wings — SUNMI and the Screenshot Patchwork Jacket! As many users may have discovered, the cryptic Project Miami experience has finally been unveiled! Revealed to be Spotify Island on May 3, 2022, this experience allows users to explore a world full of music, quests, parkour activities, and more. Spotify Island also co...[Read More]

How to get 6 free items in Roblox Tate McRae Concert Experience

Tate McRae Concert Experience is a Roblox event that started on May 18, 2022 and will end on an unknown date. It is sponsored by Tate McRae and her record label RCA Records to promote her debut studio album I Used to Think I Could Fly. In the Tate McRae Concert Experience, players can collect an in-game currency, Tate tokens, participate in a skydiving minigame, and explore an entire Tate McRae th...[Read More]

How to Get Free Items in the Insomniac World Party Roblox Event

The Insomniac World Party event started last October, but is updated every time and will probably offer even more free items in the future! Read on to find out how to get what is currently available. Game Link: Insomniac World Party Contents: How to Get the Owl Mask How to Get the Photosynthisizer Wings How to Get the Owl Mask The Owl Mask was available as an easy Freebie way back w...[Read More]

Nike Will Release a New Item in Roblox

For a long time these guys did not please us with top things. One of the biggest sportswear brands, Nike, is once again breaking into Roblox. This time, users found a fresh attribute in the online store — Nike Cloud Board, which is currently not available for purchase. Advanced Robloxians say that a new item will appear as a quest prize in the official Nike Air Max Day event. At the same tim...[Read More]

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