Roblox BedWars

Roblox BedWars Free Amy Patch notes

Roblox BedWars has released a new update that brings new free kits to the game along with a variety of changes and bug fixes. Roblox BedWars has released a new update on June 3rd, 2022 for the game. You will find a triple XP week now available so you can finish off your battle pass. Axolotl Amy is available as a free kit for the week, and Nyx has received some buffs. You can find all of the detail...[Read More]

Roblox BedWars Lassy Rework Update!

The Lassy set has been completely redesigned in the latest Roblox BedWars update! ** Lassy (REWORK!)** Lassy now has a much more powerful lasso! She can pull enemies all the way to her. Additionally, her lasso now disables all movement abilities for 7 seconds (Jade, Void Regent & Yuzi). ** Vacuum (NEW Lucky Block Item!)**Use this new item to vacuum your enemies and shoot them away! ** Clan Cha...[Read More]

The new Conqueror Kit is available in Roblox BedWars!

A quick addition to the May 7 update in Roblox BedWars has added a Conqueror Kit to the game, which you can use to place banners that strengthen your closest teammates! Developer, responsible for Roblox BedWars, has added a new Conqueror kit to the game, which gives you the ability to place banners that give a buff to your closest allies. Yesterday’s patch added a Minicopter vehicle,...[Read More]

Roblox BedWars: Season 4 Update Patch Notes

Roblox BedWars Season 4 has been released on March 18th, 2022! This new patch brings the Season 4 Battle Pass with some brand new kits for you to earn by leveling it up. there’s a bunch of skins, kill effects, lobby gadgets, emotes, and lobby titles to earn! You can also check out the Vending Machines that will be dropping in matches that allow you to purchase items for 8 Emeralds each. You will f...[Read More]

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